Friday, July 31, 2009

BEDA, just in August, not April

My lovely sister Mariah and our lovely friend Caitlin have decided to blog every day in August! Well, they came up with it but I'd like to hop on the bandwagon. =]

As Summer is, mournfully, coming to a close and high school is sneaking it's (crazyscaryexcitingunnervingincredible) new face onto my horizon, I think it's good to fall back into blogging. I think it'll be good to write out how all this NEW NEW NEW is making me feel and how I will perceive and how others will perceive me.

Sadly, me and Mariah are both losing friends to different schools this new year. One of my best friends, Madison, is heading for another school and made me promise not to get another best friend and I will try my hardiest. At the same time, I will be making new friends. (And that scares me to death.)

"Sanity is basically an act. Insanity, is dropping the act. "-Nana Lee