Saturday, September 26, 2009


I'm not exactly the best painter and I don't boast about anything because I always know there'll be someone better than me at just about everything. But I do love painting when I get the urge to. Painting and drawing and making things with glue and construction paper and crayons. It's just like I'm all alone in this world of white and then there's color and it's my job to bring the two together to make something that wasn't there before. Sometimes I like the end result, and sometimes things I start never get finished, but it's always an adventure. I especially love to create and listen to music because the two worlds kind of meld in my dominant right brain and the words and images come together in a way that links them and links me. There's poetry, and there's art, and there's music, and then...there's me.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Dysfunctional Computer

I've had my current computer for about 2 years and because everything I touch turns to messed up and less pretty than before it has it's problems. I can never manage to keep a computer virus and crud free for very long. My dad has to completely re-do my computer many times but it's been a while since the last time he did that..and you can tell.

I'll just mention a few things my computer has wrong with it.
  1. First off, the disc slot rarely opens. I have to press the button 465,000,000,000 times to get it to open.
  2. It often just freezes and I have to sit back and watch it decide what it wants to do before I can continue. Sometimes this process includes bringing up random pop-ups or blacking out and shutting off completely.
  3. To make my speakers work sometimes I am forced to mash random cords with my feet.
  4. My internet sputters and dies and has to re-calibrate itself every 2 seconds.
  5. This isn't really the computer's fault but also I have like no space on my hard drive disks or whatever so it's constantly asking me to delete things, which I can't do!
It's so frustrating! But, I do have bigger problems than that and I guess I should count my blessing that I even have a computer, no matter how schizo it is.

Everyone's been getting sick recently, including me but I've still been having a good time. Meeting new friends, hanging out at church with all my friends, seeing people change so beautifully in front of my eyes, reading excellent books, and realizing I actually feel like I belong at high school.

It feels odd to think that just 23 school days ago I had an overwhelming sense of misdirection and utter chaos and now, day 23, I feel like I know people and like I can find any place I need to go, and like I can handle it all. Time does change things, and usually for the better.

Hope this was a good blog to start back up with, I hope it makes sense because I'm pretty sure I have a fever at the moment. Love ya!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today/yesterday has been/was amaziinnggg! The party went great and the food was amazing. All of mother's chili got eaten before the night was over. I took a lot of pictures and listened to the men in the living room talk. Of what I heard the conversation went from the Gathers to Healthcare. Fantastic,right? I took a lot of pictures and everyone was happy and excited. Presents and cards were opened and cake was eaten. Those, are not the best part in my opinion...

After most everything was done and the adults were sitting around eating, my little cousins tori and lexa, and I went outside for them to play and to talk. Tori took over the scooter we have laying around and me and lexa sat on the bricks steps and watched her and talked. We talked about school and friends and how it feels to be 10. (It seems like such a long time since I was 10. Only 4 years though. How can 4 years transform a person so much?)

They started playing around and doing this skit thing about like Traffic and they wanted me to watch. I was about to but then I got an idea. I said, "Stop! Wait! Let me get my camera!" and frantically ran-skipped into the house and back out with my camera. I looked at them and said, "Okay, do it again so I can see where I need to be." and then once I knew what I was looking for we got set up and I filmed it, and it was so cute and funny and great. I was so happy about it and they got really excited about it.

Then I pointed the camera at Mariah and said, "Do something." Immediately she started thinking about what to do but then she looked at me kind of worriedly and said, "Like what?" and I said, "Like a monologue or something." and aimed the lens at her and told her to "Go." It was magic and she spun an embellished almost-true story of a teen running over a mailbox. After I had cut the camera off-happy with just that-she got another idea. So then we filmed from the home owner's point of view and then the girls wanted to reenact the story. It was so great. Mariah looked at me and told me we'd probably have to edit the stuff together and I felt kind of bad because I thought how great that would be but also thought I didn't have any software for that. BUT I Totally DO! Windows Movie Maker. I had no idea though. So the girls did a couple more funny things and then we came inside and watched ourselves being silly and started putting stuff together. They were tickled to death and said they wanted to do some more acting next time they came to see us. :D

I know we agreed on pictures for this month but I think 2 videos is just as well.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Party, Vegetarianism, and The Cure

We have a party going down at my house today! It's for my cousin Lexa, her tenth, and her grandparents-one who has the same exact birthday and the other with a birthday this past week. We cleaned like crazy and the house looks nice and guest-worthy. Mother fixed some chili and my aunt is bringing some chicken soup and some cake. Other people may bring other things but that's all I know for now. I'm excited about the soup because 1. It tastes fantastic and 2. I can pick out the chicken with ease. I really love when people cook with me in mind.

I'm a vegetarian and most of you know that. I joined PETA a while back. That's come to be interesting at times as I get sent a lot of stuff. I also get grief from people a lot when they find out but I say, different strokes for different folks. I'm not extremely loud about any of my personal beliefs unless you ask so I'd much rather people not debate me/get angry at me for them.

I had a really great week at school though I was really tired for Tuesday and Wednesday. I love short weeks. My mind, the way it is, has a strategy for looking at school/work weeks. It kind of works like this song. Haha.
But,anyway, on Monday I am tired a lot but try to be happy even though I feel like falling down on the floor and letting people in the halls step on me while I sleep until 12. That would be fun.

Tuesday always seems laid back. Nothing happens on a Tuesday. I'd never get married on a Tuesday. Too boring. But Tuesday is just one of those days I walk through.

Wednesday is the halfway point and it gives me a boost. Wednesday is also church day and Glee day so it is looked forward to. Wednesdays don't usually result in anything bad and so they make me happy.

Thursday is the day when I think, 'Hey, this week took no time at all! It's almost Friday!' and where I am more upbeat and happy. Thursdays are days when things happen and the world is good to me.

Fridays are always weird but joyous. Weird because I keep getting startled when I realize I can take a nap and not worry about not sleeping at night. I can stay up watching tv. I can go places and not worry about my pile of homework. It's like freedom. At school everyone seems a little louder and either a lot happier or really angry because of the aftermath of their own week. It's an emotional day.

So, that's just how it works for me. Do yall have anything like that?

(by the way. That is a threadless t-shirt that you can buy for me. =])

Monday, September 7, 2009

Recent Events

Recently I...

  • Got a new bed! It's a low white Ikea bed and it is so beautiful. Something about it seems to promote dreaming though and I've had all sorts of odd dreams while in it. Mariah slept on it once as well and had dreams that she could remember really well. I always end up having dreams about recent occurrences or things I am thinking about before I go to sleep.So, I think that is super cool. Plus, it's a queen, a much wanted upgrade from my twin and it gives me a lot of space to lounge and sleep. Still haven't found out where I want to sleep, like middle or one side, but I sure am trying all of the possibilities.
  • Went grocery shopping! The parents have set up this plan where they give us 25 dollars and we try and shop for 2 weeks. At first, you are like, 25 dollars, really? But, seeing as how 25 dollars would be the amount it would take to buy school lunch for a week it does make sense. So, I actually kind of like it. The only thing is the weird looks people give you. Like, "Aw, isn't that sweet, she's shopping for herself." or "Wait, is she in college? She doesn't look college age..well,maybe.." It's funny. But there were a couple things I found that I believed the parents should be responsible for buying, like some hot chocolate and some strawberries. So I went looking for them and I don't know if you've ever been looking for someone in a grocery store but you basically keep circling and looking down isle after isle until you find them with this lost look on your face. What fun. Last night my bed gave me dreams about circling in a grocery store. I bought mostly junk because all the real food stuff is bought by parents, like pb&j ingredients and my vegetarian food, and tuna and stuff like that.
  • Got a hair cut! I haven't put up any pictures because I haven't really taken any I like, it's not much a difference, and I'd like for people at school to see it in person first just so I can know if they notice. It's just a bob because I wanted to get rid of this hair in the back that I affectionately called "the mini-mullet". You never really know what it's like to have one, until you do. The hair cutter at famous hair said something about it and I laughed. She also talked about how there were probably hick boys at my school, but they were probably sexy, with their John Deere hats and thick southern accents and good manners and that simple way about them. She honestly seemed rather jealous of me that I got to spend time with these creatures. I don't really know of any though.
  • Went shopping at Goodwill with my mom and Mariah! That was a lot of fun and I got a lot of amaaaaazzziiinnggg things. It's really fun to just shop in a laid back way and trying things on and modeling around and talking about what works best on each other is just too girly and fun for words.I got one really cute sweater type thing that was like a long sleeved vest and it was black and white and totally 90's. I wore it with the skinny jeans Caitlin likes and some slouchy black boots my mom picked up for me. If I would have been any more retro I might have died.
  • Got a part in Pig! Regrettably not the part I had my heart set on and I did get kind of upset, but who knows, I could steal the show. I'm the Old Woman at the library who forgot to turn in her book and has to pay a fee. I'm pretty psyched to figure out a costume and a voice for the thing. There's a person listed as the makeup artist and I hope she can make me look old. =D

That's all I can really think of but I shall leave you with a picture of my newly organized art wall. =]