Monday, September 7, 2009

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Recently I...

  • Got a new bed! It's a low white Ikea bed and it is so beautiful. Something about it seems to promote dreaming though and I've had all sorts of odd dreams while in it. Mariah slept on it once as well and had dreams that she could remember really well. I always end up having dreams about recent occurrences or things I am thinking about before I go to sleep.So, I think that is super cool. Plus, it's a queen, a much wanted upgrade from my twin and it gives me a lot of space to lounge and sleep. Still haven't found out where I want to sleep, like middle or one side, but I sure am trying all of the possibilities.
  • Went grocery shopping! The parents have set up this plan where they give us 25 dollars and we try and shop for 2 weeks. At first, you are like, 25 dollars, really? But, seeing as how 25 dollars would be the amount it would take to buy school lunch for a week it does make sense. So, I actually kind of like it. The only thing is the weird looks people give you. Like, "Aw, isn't that sweet, she's shopping for herself." or "Wait, is she in college? She doesn't look college age..well,maybe.." It's funny. But there were a couple things I found that I believed the parents should be responsible for buying, like some hot chocolate and some strawberries. So I went looking for them and I don't know if you've ever been looking for someone in a grocery store but you basically keep circling and looking down isle after isle until you find them with this lost look on your face. What fun. Last night my bed gave me dreams about circling in a grocery store. I bought mostly junk because all the real food stuff is bought by parents, like pb&j ingredients and my vegetarian food, and tuna and stuff like that.
  • Got a hair cut! I haven't put up any pictures because I haven't really taken any I like, it's not much a difference, and I'd like for people at school to see it in person first just so I can know if they notice. It's just a bob because I wanted to get rid of this hair in the back that I affectionately called "the mini-mullet". You never really know what it's like to have one, until you do. The hair cutter at famous hair said something about it and I laughed. She also talked about how there were probably hick boys at my school, but they were probably sexy, with their John Deere hats and thick southern accents and good manners and that simple way about them. She honestly seemed rather jealous of me that I got to spend time with these creatures. I don't really know of any though.
  • Went shopping at Goodwill with my mom and Mariah! That was a lot of fun and I got a lot of amaaaaazzziiinnggg things. It's really fun to just shop in a laid back way and trying things on and modeling around and talking about what works best on each other is just too girly and fun for words.I got one really cute sweater type thing that was like a long sleeved vest and it was black and white and totally 90's. I wore it with the skinny jeans Caitlin likes and some slouchy black boots my mom picked up for me. If I would have been any more retro I might have died.
  • Got a part in Pig! Regrettably not the part I had my heart set on and I did get kind of upset, but who knows, I could steal the show. I'm the Old Woman at the library who forgot to turn in her book and has to pay a fee. I'm pretty psyched to figure out a costume and a voice for the thing. There's a person listed as the makeup artist and I hope she can make me look old. =D

That's all I can really think of but I shall leave you with a picture of my newly organized art wall. =]

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  1. I just saw your art wall and I can tell you it has a lot more art on it. I dont think any freshman got the part they really wanted but who does.


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