Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ahhhh! In-som-ni-ahhhhhhhhh!

I just started re-reading Breaking Dawn and have already gotten to Jacob's part. It's so addicting; which surprises me since I've read it already and how absurd it really is. I can't help but love it though. Stephanie Meyer knows what teenage girls want. Darn.It's 1:13. LATE LATE LATE.
I used to be extremely bad at sleeping. Like staying up till 5 was very very easy. It's just too hot in my room and too crowded in my head with all my thoughts swirling around just waiting to zero in: target,set,boom and overwhelm me.Anyways, enough of my whining.

Weddings are fun. I went to one tonight and sang in it. Brittney and Jack were all smiles and beautiful wedded bliss. The best part was the reception. Lovely food and everyone is so happy to see you, so shocked to see how tall you've gotten since whenever. The dancing is always a treat. All the classics; electric slide and the macarena. The new ones like the Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha Slide. I laughed to see two guys from my youth group locked in a power-struggling embrace/dance during "At Last". In my dad's words, "They make a good couple." If only Eric had dipped Jeremy. Then it would have been more complete. ^-^ We ended up leaving earlier than I expected. I was planning to dance till dawn and probably could have.Now two weddings down and two more to go.
Spring is here and wedding bells ring. Ah, how we love, how we love the Spring.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wedding Day

Today is my aunt Tammy's wedding. We have her two beautiful girls with us and are fixing their hair. I cannot wait. The service is going to be wonderful. I just wish it didn't start at 10 a.m! I'll be sure to post pictures. All my love till then,


Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I just woke up from a rather odd dream. Most likely born of the fact that I watched Fringe the other night and it was about creature babies and animal testing.

So,anyways,to my dream. I had this dream that me and a few other people I didn't know, who I suppose were my friends had these 4 very large eggs (and by very large I mean only slightly shorter than myself but larger in width..or in this case..circumference) and we were transporting them to this mountain where the largest of the eggs would hatch and go to it's "mother" at the top. So we were all very scared and standing around afraid to leave the shelter of the trees but also afraid in the forest we would find more trouble. We wanted to get to the mother for some testing or something because the mother was causing some problem for the inhabitants of the area around the mountain.

Finally we trekked to the edge of the mountain with the eggs and then laid them down. As if the largest egg knew it was close to it's mother it started to hatch open. Me and my "colleagues" (or friends or whatever they were) jumped back and looked at it nervously. We were all, "So..who's going to follow the crazy mutant baby up the mountain and meet evil,destructo, mom creature?" and as if it was my duty I hopped on the back of the green-snake like mutant baby creature thing and started riding it to the top of the mountain.

Thankfully that's where my dream ended. =D
Above I have my illustrated version of my dream, in watercolor paint. <3

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So,today has been a pretty laid back day so far. I woke up around 12:30 and since I've just been accomplishing some cleaning and loafing about.As it is Spring Break I've had some chill time. I found this great artist on youtube who I'd like to link to. Her name is Nataly Dawn and her voice is amazing.

Also, I've been trying to memorize my lines in preparation for my musical, Guys and Dolls Jr. I have the part of Adelaide. It seems as though we don't have enough time to accomplish this massive production! Myself and another girl,Chessa, share the part of Adelaide. She is running the 2nd and 4th nights. I have opening night and the 3rd night. I know I'm going to be all butterflies and weak ankles. It runs from April 30th-May3rd at the high school.

"Tell him I never want to speak to him again, and have him call me here." <3

Monday, April 13, 2009


This past Saturday I had the lovely privilege of hanging out with some of my best friends. Madison, Taylor, Kristen, Olivia and I went to an Easter Egg hunt and then preceded to watch the Hannah Montana movie.

I wasn't too keen on either of these activities but upon doing them I felt 10 years old again, in a good way. It's nice just to let loose and hang out and be crazy and worry free. I haven't had much of that this year.

It was a nice start to my Spring Break. I have absolutely no plans.


It seems like nowadays everyone has a blog. You don't have to be famous or incredibly interesting. You just have to have an audience and an opinion and some free time. I, my dears, have all of those things. So I will attempt to blog once a week or so. Hopefully, this will be a good ride.