Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 29,2010

Now officially back to broke after the holiday season. All it took was one medium size Hawaiian pizza to clean me out. Ugh. I need a job, and a car, more free time, etc.

Woke up, ate, watched a movie, did lots of nothing on internet, thought I might Skype eventually, was looking realllll bad, changed out of yesterdays shirt and put on a hat. My life is successful.

I love these hats. I wish I had like 12 more in every color. Man. Who am I kidding? If I got a job I would spend all my money on hats.

UFDZFNSKGN DMV MVDFMG,DN,D,MDGN. I'm not bored or unhappy, there are just a lot of things I could get done today that I don't want to do and my friends are out shopping.

It bothers me when people type in the address bar and feel the need to type "www." It's unnecessary. The computer knows you are looking for something on the world wide web. So, save yourself some time and stop that.

The thing about writing crap you don't wanna write is...you just have to do it. You have to step away from the pizza, stop creeping on facebook,blogger, and tumblr, stop whimpering about your current state, and write a dang paper!

Or....ORRRRRRRRRRRR we continue doing all those things happily.

Ha ha.

And maybe also watch some HIMYM.


Here, how about I finish my thesis statement, do a couple notecards, then get back to doing nothing.....yeah?


Okay, so I did half of that.

Ugh, I'm such a grammar nazi.
And a music snob.
And I'm eating chocolate like a fiend. Like the world's supply of chocolate will soon corrode and turn to dust so I must eat it while it is still edible.

Using my webcam like a mirror. Laziness.

About to go to church. Lookin' cute.

Wish I had green eyes.

Mom just got home and we drank some sparkling grape juice and toasted to her impending end of year bonus.

Gonna go talk to Andrew some more. That's mah boo. <3

The Loves in My Life

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot to you (in no order).
I may cheat a little on this one.
1. My immediate family (including grandparents)
2. Leah
3. Lole
4. Chessa
5. Andrew

Those are all just people I'm certain I could run to at any moment, with anything, and they'd do their best to help me. Which is great. Some of those are my best friends. <333333333>

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Laying in bed on the laptop waiting for it to be Christmas. Not much too special, after the clock strikes 12 I'll probably just go to sleep. I kind of want to get up around 7 so I can watch the sun rise on Christmas day. I'll tell you if it happens. Feeling more ready now. Maybe not excited-but ready. Like, the feeling before you turn in a project that's been done for a while and that you know you did well on. You knew it was gonna happen-and it did-so yeah. Tomorrow will be different I hope. Anyways,

Day Five: Six things you wish you'd never done

1. take that chance

2. get so angry

3. break that tie

4. hold myself back from a good time because I was afraid to look silly

5. tell a lie, or a rumor

6. hate

That's done with. I will not have regrets on Christmas.

Christmas Rundown:
-up at 8
-uncle's house
-more cleaning

Friday, December 24, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house

"The spirit is low",

Thought the little boy, Clause.

The house was decorated

And the presents were wrapped

But it seemed as though all the anticipation

And the joy had been napped

The feeling that usually welled up from inside

And flooded the house with Christmastime pride

Was replaced with the ghost of happy days past

And on every chilly window a shadow was cast

"What is this?

How can it be?

Is there no one around quite as ready as me?"

The big folks were all just moping around.

They drank and talked low and kept constant a frown.

"But isn't Christmas the most wonderful time?

There is something wrong here lacking reason and rhyme."

So with that thought Clause pulled out his Christmas book

and throughout the pages he carefully did look

In it he saw people who were close together

Who sang Christmas songs in spite of the weather.

And in it he realized the reasons for sadness

And went right off to replace them with gladness.

To his mama he gave the biggest of hugs

and reminded her quitely of his own special love.

To his papa he gave an hour playing a game

and saw the difference-papa was not the same!

Then to his sister he apologized

for things that he'd broken and little white lies.

They all looked at each other, and looked down at him

And saw what he'd done for himself and for them.

Inside and out there came a sense of peace

And the love of the family did doubly increase.

Outside the snow fell, soft and bright

And Clause knew that all was alright.

Then he looked at the presents laid under the tree

and thought to himself,

"All that's needed is me!

And otheres alike who give time to share

And people who stop to show people they care.

For in the midst of jolly good tidings

There are still those who have struggles they're fighting.

What the world needs is a little more love

And a few more smiles, and a touch from above."

And with that said, Merry Christmas to you!

Please don't forget things for others you can do.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I wish I could cross my arms and cross your mind

It seems like I'm up at that crack of dawn, but hey, that's a good start for the first day of break. I didn't sleep very well last night and I'm sure it'll hit me later. Leaving in about 10 minutes to go eat with friends at Panera bread! I'm not sure who all is going. I know Leah for sure, but..Ashley and Allison also. I'm excited! Three things very dear to my heart: friends, food, and gift-giving. Funfufnfunfun. Once I get home I'll most likely have to start working on my Civics research paper. We only have about a week for break-school day wise-and if I don't start now I'll never finish. Blehblehbleh. Christmas is in two days! Can you believe it? I can't. I hate how I'm not as excited as I used to be when I was a kid. I'm mostly getting clothes if the boxes are any indication. Useful. Not as exciting as toys and treats and what not. They do say it's supposed to snow on Christmas. Well, there's a 40% chance of precipitation. That counts for something.

Home once again. Ah, I lovee Leah! Thanks again for the present and the fun.<--( Ha, fun.) We totally need to visit Panera again soon. Delicious! Shopping around, and talking, and thinking about the holiday. We left around 1 and I came in to nap for a while. Then Eric came over and we've been watching movies and sitting around like bums. As always. Oh, and doing some of that homework. How productive am I?

Day Four: 7 things that cross your mind a lot
1. balance in life
2. Am I forgetting something?
3. I'm tired.
4. Oops, probably shouldn't have done that.
5. wanting a camera to capture a moment
6. having to pee
7. food

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Will Posses Your Heart

That's a Death Cab for Cutie song I think. Real easy bass line on that song. Anyways, in English once again and done with paper. I could be planning my Civics paper, but why do today what you can put off till tomorrow? There's a pretty good atmosphere here in the iLab. I feel like I could sit here listening to music and just type and type on this clickity-click keyboard.

So, today is the last day before break. Pretty great so far, huh? There was this big event today that people would wear ugly Christmas sweaters. Mine is pretty epic.

Man. I wish I had a Mac. Pictures/videos would be so easy to do.

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

1. " I swear when I grow up, I won't just buy you a rose. I will buy the flower shop." Going the extra mile to do something kind, or sweet, or slightly embarrassing. Just for. Just because you can and you want to.
2. Food. Food related conversation, gifts, displays of affection. The way to a woman's heart is through her sto...wait..
3. Music. A silly song or one with absolute meaning. A shared song, a written song, a found song.
4. Devotion. Singularity. Trustworthiness.
5. Spontaneity.
6. Thoughtfulness.
7. Respectfulness.
8. Humor. Just make me laugh and laugh.
Those are ways to win my heart. But I didn't mention the prerequisites to getting in the game.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And onward we go

Today is the Tuesday before the Saturday that is Christmas and boy am I excited. But, of course, this day and tomorrow will go slowly slowly. I'm sitting in the midst of my Honors English class writing and listening to fun. How..fun! I've finished my paper, mostly. I'll never be satisfied completely.

We have this Advocacy group thing today for about 15 minutes. I talked to one of m teachers about it yesterday and it sounds pretty pointless. We go to a teacher's room and...what? Have a group hug? Talk? Or sit around looking at one another like we would in a home base? Its supposed to give us a teacher to talk to.. but what about the teachers who don't necessarily want to be talked to? What then? It's nice to think we have someone to turn to, but I think those who would talk to their teachers are doing it already. And those who wouldn't probably won't. But who am I to say? Maybe this program will be revolutionary and soon enough all the schools will be doing it.

Day 2
Nine Facts About Me
1. I love mood rings. I'm wearing two right now. They aren't the same colors at the moment.
2. Tonight I'm gonna go pick up and ugly sweater for tomorrow.
3. I think too much.
4. I'm obsessed with balance and contrast. In life, people, objects.
5. I need more sleep.
6. I've moved thrice.
7. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
8. I can nap like a champ.
9. fun. is my new music obsession.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Yeah, big time follower here

Stealing Sarah's stolen concept!
(Thanks for that, darling.)

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot to you (in no order).
Day Seven: Four turn-offs.
Day Eight: Three turn-ons.
Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession.

Day One
1. You are cute and I wish you would notice me. Like notice me notice me.
2. Don't read into that. Let me be a teenage girl.

3. Thank you. I love you.
4. I like you better on paper.
5. Try something different, who knows, maybe it'll make you less of a pest.
6. I want to be a part of what you guys have going.
7. I'm sorry that I've never been close to you.
8. I'm sorry that I'll always be me.
9. I'm sorry that I had to do what I did. But I've never hated you.
10. I hope you're happy. And you can take that like sincerity or like an upper right hook. I mean it both ways.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Alone at Christmastime

03 - Last Christmas - Wham by Morein

What is it about Christmas that finds me laying on my bed,sadly sighing and staring at nothing? Is it the lights? Or the music? Or the presents? Or is it just that idea of walking through a cold night, holding someone's hand? And yes, I'm quite sentimental. And yes, I'm well enough and content to have just me. But, a girl's heart never stops hoping.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Little Things

I like...

sitting in the passenger seat of the car while it's raining and seeing the colors of stoplights illuminate the droplets of rain/walking down the outside hallway by the art building with my big boots on when no one else is around, hearing the scooting sound echo off the buildings and filling the space with my own sound, feeling like there are a million of me walking in tandem/the surprise of a new smell in a room or on a person/Christmas lights on houses that twinkle, or are interesting shapes/my pretty golden ring on my left hand and how it is so opposite from the one on my right/ realizing other people like the music that I do /the giddy joy that fills up in me just thinking about SNOW/ my mother's signature/ the way my bed feels so perfect on a Saturday morning when I wake up by myself/ making things/ "putting too many marshmallows in my hot chocolate"/ trying new food and liking it/ only doing things I want to do-and not bullying myself for things I can't do/long showers/rainy days that end up better than expected/ drawing pictures on the car windows on cold night trips/ being old enough to not have to sit at the 'kid's table'/ being young enough to choose to sit there anyway/music that transports you/ the thought put into presents/ turning 16 tonight/ending this post.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Breaking every day blogging this week in light of how many projects I have going on.
Sorry, guys. I feel like I've failed you.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who needs the weather channel? I have facebook.

Today had overall been a very fantastic and restful day. I woke up and went to a great Sunday at church. Then, spent time with the lovely Miss Chessa at Starbucks. After I got home I worked on my play review (unfinished at the moment but not as hard as I thought it would be. I just kind of have to be a sarcastic jerk about small things. ;p) By the time I got home from the choir cantada tonight it was snowing. Lovely lovely lovely.

I don't wanna write this. How awful is that? But I'm looking forward to:

1.more snow
2.improv night
3. Goldilocks this week!
4. birthday dinner
5. family weekend
6. thursday before christmas with leah and friends
7. christmas itself

Saturday, December 11, 2010

On Gifts

Oh, hey little white box. It's been a while. I don't have too much to say. Uhm... can I get a prompt for this dealio?

I need a shower. If my hair were any oilier it'd be dripping. But, I've spent all day working with it stuck up. So, yes. This blog has almost gotten to obligation point and it's not as fun. Most likely because I've been writing all day. Ughh. And more writing tomorrow because I gave up for tonight.

I just read an entire article on sword swallowing. Woah man.

Thanks to a suggestion by Lole, gift giving and gift receiving. A good topic for this time of year.


I LOVE gift giving! To a fault sometimes. When I shop for people I get so excited. I have to hold myself back from going overboard. I love getting things that match well and things I really feel suit them. I love getting things people really want.There is nothing more exciting than making someone happy and I always want to do that. Seeing someone you love really love something you got for them while thinking about them, is just..the best thing ever.


This, can be tricky. Because when you are getting a gift there is someone on the other side of it waiting for you to love it. But, best case scenario you do. I really enjoy getting gifts because it shows people care and that they appreciate you. I feel like it speaks so much louder than words sometimes. Plus, who doesn't love having something that reminds you of someone you love that you really like? I don't know, I just think the whole thing is really great.

Thanks for reading, night.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

14 Measly points

Uhhhh... Sat down to write this then went blank. Numbered blog!

1. Looking forward to pizza tomorrow. I am so obsessed with food. Today I had..
-chicken and cheese plate
-macaroni and cheese
-chicken nuggets

2. I apologize for being sad and vague yesterday. But sometimes there is too much going on in your head that you can barely explain to yourself, much less an audience.

3. English paper totally doesn't phase me that much when I'm sitting around at home being a dumbbutt and not doing it. But then, in class, my stomach starts to quiver and I feel like I'm dying. Not healthy. It's toooooo much.

4. I'm pretty sure the only thing my lunch table did today was complain. It was still a good convo though.

5. Chessa Metz, I love your blog and all your writing in general. If I want to make a joke, I should make it about myself.

6. I like writing in planners. I like planning things to do. I just don't like doing the things.

7. Bay is in my lap sleeping and being cute.

8. Sorry, I'm super awkward. Blame me. I mean, the situation was not good. What was I supposed to say? Don't make me seem like an awful person because I was surprised, and stressed out, and generally worried. I should have said something..yeah...but maybe I had no idea what to say. And better be silent than come across really terribly to someone's parent.

9.Colddddd. In my house, outside, in the art room.

10. Excited for pottery.

11. Excited for O'Charley's soup.

12. Added on to my Christmas/Birthday list.

13. Goldilock's final dress with administrators watching tomorrow. Uhmm...0_0

14. Goodnight, I'm done.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Give up, Mikaella. Just give up.

I don't care how hopeful you want me to be.

But my mind keeps changing..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Christmas List

I feel like crying. And I know it's just the stress that's getting to me.

The Good
-Been productive today
-finished last night of Kitty City
-tried to lay down some birthday plans
-happy with art project so far, super cute fake mouse for my monster cat
-I <3 painting
-I <3 my Goldilocks' mom costume
-Rass said I had good energy with my character
-My granddad's surgery went great and he's feeling fine. He'll have a nurse with him at all times so I know he's well cared for.
-I'm excited about the prospect of being 16.

The Bad
-English paper without a strong thesis
-Goldilocks! I'm kind of scared. I have to carry some bowsl to put on a table during like 6 transitions, right? And half the time today the girl who was supposed to get the table has just...not gotten the table. So I have to carry out the table with the fragile bowls on it, set the table where it should be, then set out the bowls. All in what should be a short transition. Whattttt?
-Art Project. Am I really stressed about an art project? Yes I am. I really want this to be something I'm proud of.I am farther behind than everyone else because I had that field trip and missed a day, I'm very precise with my colors, and I just generally work slow. Thankfully I have the whole background done and I like it so I won't touch it again...but yikes. Will I be done by Thursday?
-Civics..now a presentation on Supply & Demand, presenting Thursday. And then I have to write a paper about that due some time in January.
-I do NOT want to work on anything over Christmas break. You women are crazy!
-I'm getting to sleep later than I wanted to again.
-Being at Kitty City totally jacked up my sinuses.
-One complicated boy put a damper on most of my day.

The Christmas/Birthday List

These are random things I want/like.Last time I made a list like this it included a hot tub and like a Mustang. So I'll try and make it realistic.

-That black mask from Earth Bound/jewelry from there
-Starbucks gift card
-Money so I can save for...
-Christmas gifts, a nice camera
-Record player
-Web cam
-Random instruments (I already have kazoos and a slide whistle)
-Locket, I've really been wanting a pretty locket for a while. Preferably one with a long chain. (I don't normally wear gold.)
-Things with owls
-Calligraphy pens
-New copy of Scrambled Eggs at Midnight/other books I don't have
-fashionable scarves
-Cute sweatpants
-New, roomy purse
-A copy of the key to our red car
-nice new gloves
-Other gifts cards
(This will be added to. If you care to check back, feel free.)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Scream it from the rooftops, "Today is the day we are heard."

I was reading Lole's blog the other day and as I started to reply I noticed my replies getting quite lengthy.Anyway, one thing he was talking about was how he felt bad because no one said anything about his birthday the other day and it reminded me of a lot of times where I've felt like crap when no one has noticed me. So, here was my response:

The thing I’ve had to come to terms with at least a zillion times is the balance between yelling, expecting, and making people aware. The Yellers:Some people live their lives yelling about their problems, and their successes, and their minor everyday life-and most of the time, people respond to those people in the appropriate manner. It's easy for them to be heard. Everyone within a 10 mile radius knows exactly what they want. “Oh my gosh you guys, it is TOTALLY my birthday tomorrow, get excited! I am the best person ever so I KNOW you will all get me marvelous stuff. I’m just like, the best, you know? So yeah. I’m gonna be 16 which is like the best thing ever and I want you all to bow down to me.” So everyone is like, “Oh my gosh, yeah. Happy Birthday. I totally have your gift ready and I know you'll love it. Just wait.” The Expectors:Then there are those, like me and you and a lot of other people I know, who casually drop a couple hints but really just expect people to know. Like, I couldn’t count on both hands the number of times I’ve been really upset and no one, I mean NO ONE, has said a thing. And, it’s not because people don’t care, it’s because they don’t notice. You’d be surprised at how little most people, including me, actually perceive. It’s really easy to just want everyone to know what’s going on with you-but most of the time, they won’t. So, you have to be the third type of person, the type who make people aware. “I’m sad right now, guys. And I’d like to talk about it.” Or, “I’m really excited about my birthday. I’m a little disappointed how unexcited everyone else seems. And I don’t just want to sit here feeling bad about it.” It’s not comfortable to do and maybe it’ll make you embarrassed, but it saves some heartache-for everyone involved. We have people surrounding us who genuinely care about us. So let's speak up and let ourselves be heard. Because everyone deserves it. At the end of the day, we're all just people.

Which are you? Which do you want to be?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Loves

Now I'm the one who's excited!
14 days till my birthday
13 school days till Christmas break

Amen. And even so, let it come.

This weekend has been fantastic for me. The busier I am, and the more fun I'm having, the slower the weekend seems to go. I loved working at the shop with my boo. I loved spending the day celebrating Lole with my best friends. CALM. (CLAM)

And today, it was great to see my grandparents. My granzie, mom, and I went down to the cafeteria and ate. I'm not sure quite how long we were down there but I do know that the conversation we had was really great and there was not a dull moment. She surprises me so often with truly meaningful nuggets of wisdom, her funny stories, and most of all her undying kindness. I love her so much and I hope to grow more and more like her. Pray for my granddad. I'm not really that worried, but I do want him to come out of the bypass surgery Tuesday morning 150% better than before. If anyone deserves it he does. But he keeps talking about being at peace with his life and feeling no guilt. I'm glad, really glad, he feels that way and it eases my mind. But I still don't want him talking that way. He is my only Granddad Bruce, and I don't want him going anywhere.

Trying to get myself in a mindset of being really productive this week. (Which will probably start by me cleaning my room tonight.) I know I have a lot to tackle and I'm a little worried about getting burnt out. So. Many. Papers. Onward, to victory!

Since like 4 o'clock today I've been bumming in pajama pants, big fuzzy boots, and a sweatshirt with my hair put up. But I've felt gorgeous and magical the whole time. That, my dears, is the definition of self confidence.

I must go run and clean. But, I LOVE YOU! (And don't you dare forget it.)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lole!

I would like to dedicate this whole entire post to Lole William Johnson. Happy Birthday, hun. I only wish I had the power to make it more epic.

"You're tall and fun and pretty. You're really really skinny, Ginny. You're the Mickey to my Minnie, I'm the tigger to your Winnie, Ginny." Love it!
So this blog may be scatterbrained. I'm gonna go see if I can upload pictures. Crap. Crap. The camera only has an SD card and I can't find a cord and my computer doesn't have the right slot. Sad sad sad. Anyway, the pictures are great. -sigh- I just finished commenting on Lole's yesterday blog. It was like a page and a third long on Word. That is legit. I just had a lovely conversation with Mariah while she was in the shower.

So much happened today, but I'll tell you the things that I thought were highlights in absolutely no order.

  1. Reading dumb stuff in Books-a-Million and making Chessa write a Nerdfighter note
  2. Dance party in the bathroom with Chessa Metz to Our Lips Are Sealed
  3. Buying a crappy wooden flute at Earth Bound
  4. Flute jokes
  5. Creepy terrorist hispanic
  6. Photo booth
  7. Butter churning boy
  8. Being obnxious with Chessa
  9. Beautiful masks and a picture of NY
  10. Laying around watching movies with my boys
  11. Totally leading the whole group in the wrong direction
  12. Awesome presentation lady in Bose

Short post. Pictures/other stuff later. I really wanted to say how much I appreciated today.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Kitty City/Palace/Town Experiences

Tonight I served my community by working at a local domesticated animal rescue shop called Kitty City in downtown Concord. I brought along my friend Andrew Singleton who also helped around the shop and assisted me in the work. As soon as we arrived we were casually debriefed and then given a range of task to perform.

1. First, we moved 5 cats from a play room back into their cages. We had our hands full with the young and lively kitties who were reluctant to stay still, and some even to be held.

2. Second, we cleaned out one of the front window displays which held two young dogs. We prepared their carriers, then I removed the waste papers that were lying on the floor, and afterward I mopped the small area.

3. Third, we folded a large basket of towels and cat hammocks that were to be used in the cat cages and put them away .

4. Finally, the task which occupied the majority of our time at Kitty City, was cleaning out the litter boxes most of the cats and replenishing their food and water if necessary.

Interspered with these tasks were short periods of time where we could hold and play with the cats and dogs, learn their names, characteristics, and individual personalities. Also, during the time we interacted with other volunteers and staff and shared our experiences with service projects. I found the 3 hours to be very rewarding and also quite tiring.

I faced a plethora of small difficulties and challenges while working at the shop. The most prevalent of which was my terrible gag reflex. While cleaning out the dog display and the litter boxes the aroma (which came in wafts and very unexpectedly) and sight of the waste (such as a large puddle of liquid poop) was almost enough to make me run from the general area. I couldn’t abandon my friend or the task though, so I had to charge on. Another issue we faced was carrying the mop water back and forth. Not only was the container quite heavy, there were also changed in the floor levels between areas and stairs. The most fun challenge though, had to be chasing cats around who had escaped their areas while we were cleaning or refilling their food and water. It was almost like a little rodeo right there in the shop.

There were also some very rewarding moments during the time I spent there. During our first task I had to face a particularly obstinant and skittish kitty, named Sir Purr. The other ladies wished me good luck on wrangling the little creature as I walked into the room. The cat immediately hid behind the play equipment and whenever I approached he further retreated. I remembered how my cat, Bay, used to act when my mom first got her and so I tried to be as calm and gentle as possible. I knelt down near the cat and slowly offered my hand to him. He walked over acautiously and sniffed it. Soon, he was rubbing his head all over my hands and I was able to scoop him up and take him back to his cage. Also, during the night I helped another volunteer to start a dryer. She couldn’t figure out why the machine wouldn’t start and it only took me a few seconds to find the problem. I felt proud and glad that I could help her. One of the more scary accomplishments was surviving an all-out attack by atleast 50 or so cats, (Just kidding, only about 6 or so, but still.) The cats were all playing in the other front window, opposite from the dog display, and I decided I would go have a visit with them and pay attention to them. As I opened the door, all of the cats in the small room stampeded towards the door. I placed my foot in the crack so they wouldn’t run out, and a white spotted cat started climbing up my leg. I screamed as the cat was dangling from my thigh with it’s claws shoved into my flesh. Then it climbed up on the screen door and tried clawing it’s way out of the room. Meanwhile all the other cats were swarming around my feet. I shut the door as quickly as possible and ran away from it. I was very glad I did not receive any worse damage.

I took away a from the experience a feeling that I could definitely be responsible for the sort of jobs I was doing. I also learned some of the inner workings of the shop. I realized how much fun I can experience while serving others. Working wasn’t a bore or a chore and the attitude I brought to it affected the whole night. When I commit to a project and feel strongly about it, I can accomplish anything.

:D I really loved hanging out with Andrew and laughing with him while scooping poop. We also got some icecream which I ate most of, talked to a girl from Concord, and took a lot of pictures for my project. It was fun. <3

I'll talk about the field trip to the government center tomorrow. Now, shower and sleep.

P.S. Original rap I started making after mopping.

This is why I mop.

This is why I mop.

This is why this why

This why I mop

I mop outside

and then I stop

This is why this is why

This why I mop

Roll up to the place: straight volunteer swag

They offered me a mop, I said, "Gimme a grab."

Workin' real hard from 5 till 8

You know I show up early-then I stay late.

The other volunteers they holla at me

cuz no better worker they ever did see

I'm mopping up the poop, and and the pee and the spills

I'm cleaning out the litter and I'm feeling a lil ill.

You know it's true how I luh me some kitties

The smart ones, the fat ones, the ones that are pretty.

I hold em, I squeeze em, I catch em running wild

y'know they my babies, yeah, Bay is my child.

Nothing better than lending a hand

If you haven't done it-you wouldn't understand

Just doing your thing for the good of the rest

At the end of the day, it's you who feels blessed.

So, yo dawg, this rap has gotten cheesy

But don't blame me, my rhymes don't come easy.

All I wanted to tell you was how I lent a hand

And to get out there and help, that's an order: a demand.