Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And onward we go

Today is the Tuesday before the Saturday that is Christmas and boy am I excited. But, of course, this day and tomorrow will go slowly slowly. I'm sitting in the midst of my Honors English class writing and listening to fun. How..fun! I've finished my paper, mostly. I'll never be satisfied completely.

We have this Advocacy group thing today for about 15 minutes. I talked to one of m teachers about it yesterday and it sounds pretty pointless. We go to a teacher's room and...what? Have a group hug? Talk? Or sit around looking at one another like we would in a home base? Its supposed to give us a teacher to talk to.. but what about the teachers who don't necessarily want to be talked to? What then? It's nice to think we have someone to turn to, but I think those who would talk to their teachers are doing it already. And those who wouldn't probably won't. But who am I to say? Maybe this program will be revolutionary and soon enough all the schools will be doing it.

Day 2
Nine Facts About Me
1. I love mood rings. I'm wearing two right now. They aren't the same colors at the moment.
2. Tonight I'm gonna go pick up and ugly sweater for tomorrow.
3. I think too much.
4. I'm obsessed with balance and contrast. In life, people, objects.
5. I need more sleep.
6. I've moved thrice.
7. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
8. I can nap like a champ.
9. fun. is my new music obsession.

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