Thursday, December 23, 2010

I wish I could cross my arms and cross your mind

It seems like I'm up at that crack of dawn, but hey, that's a good start for the first day of break. I didn't sleep very well last night and I'm sure it'll hit me later. Leaving in about 10 minutes to go eat with friends at Panera bread! I'm not sure who all is going. I know Leah for sure, but..Ashley and Allison also. I'm excited! Three things very dear to my heart: friends, food, and gift-giving. Funfufnfunfun. Once I get home I'll most likely have to start working on my Civics research paper. We only have about a week for break-school day wise-and if I don't start now I'll never finish. Blehblehbleh. Christmas is in two days! Can you believe it? I can't. I hate how I'm not as excited as I used to be when I was a kid. I'm mostly getting clothes if the boxes are any indication. Useful. Not as exciting as toys and treats and what not. They do say it's supposed to snow on Christmas. Well, there's a 40% chance of precipitation. That counts for something.

Home once again. Ah, I lovee Leah! Thanks again for the present and the fun.<--( Ha, fun.) We totally need to visit Panera again soon. Delicious! Shopping around, and talking, and thinking about the holiday. We left around 1 and I came in to nap for a while. Then Eric came over and we've been watching movies and sitting around like bums. As always. Oh, and doing some of that homework. How productive am I?

Day Four: 7 things that cross your mind a lot
1. balance in life
2. Am I forgetting something?
3. I'm tired.
4. Oops, probably shouldn't have done that.
5. wanting a camera to capture a moment
6. having to pee
7. food

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