Thursday, October 22, 2009

Currently Unnamed and Unfinished Piece of Work Based Upom a Dream and Matured Because of a Theatre Project

It was a warm day in November;November 4th 2020 to be exact. Maria always had to be exact as she was the record keeper for her job. The job description when listen in the interface classifieds has been Unidentified Beings Head of Research. Maria ended up doing far more physical activity than actual research. For the past two weeks she spent her working hours shoveling and dissecting packed lion-bat stool. At least she called creature 1165 a lion-bat. The animal itself was more like an overly hairy and ferocious winged kitten.

Today her and her colleagues-Tracy and Andrea-were supposed to transport 3 large eggs to a mountain called Coreth to meet with their natural habitat. Each egg weighed near 40 pounds except for Maria's,which was the largest, and weighed more around 60 pounds. They ahd to carry the eggs a mile and a half through tangled and unfamiliar woods. Most workers had deemed the eggs useless and didn't expect any change.

When they set the eggs down,the largest one started to shake and crack and a large green snake-like creature slithered out and flicked a long onyx tongue at them. In horror they stared on,rooted to the ground where they stood, as it wound the rest of it long body out of its tough egg shell. The sky was a dark purple color with hint of a malevolent green. The smokey atmosphere seemed to be originating at the top of Coreth. Maria was astounded and had so many thoughts flooding into her mind. She looked at Tracy and Andrea who, after rousing themselves from the initial shock, were running for the cover of the trees and putting as much distance as possible between themselves and the creature. Didn't they understand this needed to be documented? If this was not an Unidentified Being then she didn't know what was. It was her job to tag the creature and obtain as much information about it as possible. The snake-creature baby took no time to see its surroundings and deciding to start its ascent of the mountain. Maria clenched her teeth and thought with all her mind about a large raise. With all her strength she lunged onto the creature's scaly back and gripped for dear life.

When they reached the top Maria toppled off the back of the snake-being and as she picked herself up again came face to face with the mother snake-being. Tufts of colored smoke were emitting from its snout. There was danger flickering in the beast's silvery orange eyes and Maria knew for a fact this was her day to die. She thought over her choices and immediately regretted not making a plan, and not kissing the cute mailman she met the other day. Just as the snake drew so close Maria could feel the warm breath of the snake as it opened it's cavernous mouth an eagle swooped in and picked Maria up by her shoulders. The eagle had to be enormous to pick up a full-sized woman she couldn't help thinking, but at this point Maria believed anything could happen. She was whisked above the trees and houses with such speed and all she could do was shut her eyes tight until she was on solid ground again.

With a gentle movement Maria felt the eagle release its grip and she was sitting on a landing pad of sorts on a roof as the elephant-sized bird sat,preening, on a perch nearby. She shook with some sort of nervous energy and hoped what happened next would be less traumatic at best. The roof beneath her lowered until she was sitting inside a warehouse of some sort. Things just continued on the strange to stranger path as she looked around at at least a hundred strange creatures in glowing green tubes. A short lanky man walked towards her after standing from a large set of complicated-looking set of computers. As he drew close she saw that this was not a short man, but a teenager. Maria began to stand to brace herself for the encounter.
"No. Sit." he said menacingly.
She obeyed the commands slowly with her eyes locked on his. He started to pace.
"The things you and your little group are doing are not in accordance with my plan." he spoke lightly but with power. He looked pointedly at Maria and stopped walking.
She hesitated, then asked in a high pitched tone she didn't expect,
"Your plan?" she squeaked.

To be continued..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Uke,Tech and Intranet, and my Constant Complaints

So,recently I've started learning how to play the ukulele and also the guitar. My grandad had given me a learner guitar a while back and had a ukulele at his house that I started to mess around with. After we had left my grandparents' house that sunday my fingers were itching with the need to play again. My grandad let me borrow it to learn on and I was extremely excited. It's been a week or so and I'm able to play some Beatles and some simple stuff like Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Happy Birthday. I really love it and I think I'll be able to use it in the future even if just as a hobby.

I've been thinking about how much technology we have these days. us young whippersnappers with our "eye-pods and internet cameras, getting on facebooking to chat with our cyberfriends and update our tweeter." All of these things and more are here. These things that astound and confuse some of the older generations. If we really kept up with all of it, it would be enough to give us information overload. So I have a blog, a facebook, a myspace, a twitter and accounts on aim, msn, yahoo, and google. I remember a time when I was completely dedicated to my xanga and neopets accounts. I liked to change my background and chat with all the noobs on the boards and I was extremely dedicated and loyal to my guild. How things have changed and evolved and generally moved on! Ha, is it sad or funny that I can be nostalgic about the internet?

Fall is now upon us;leaves changing,windshields frosting, and cute sweaters being bought.As a general rule I dislike the cold. The heat in school doesn't come on until November 15th and I positively cannot wait. I find it wrong that there is already such a biting chill in the wind and that I can see my breath in the air. Come on nature, it's not even winter! As it is I'll be wearing 4 layers every time I go out in the mornings. I feel I would be perfectly happy as a hermit in my room with the heat on and music playing. Creating my very own grown up womb. Sigh. The things I do for my leaving my bed and making contact.................

But I do love you,so I'll face the cold cruel world..just for you.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Park,Christmas, and Bands

We went to the park today! By we I mean Savannah,Mariah and myself. We brought some picnic materials and took a lot of pictures and I playe
d with some berries that made my hands turn a pretty purple-pink color. =] I came home and bottled some of it. Yay! Homemade ink or dye or whatever. We ate oranges and cubed cheese and drank water. We listened to my iPod and enjoyed the sun and breeze. I'm also pretty sure I messed up someones game of frisbee golf. Haha. It was really fun and simple and great. The plan is to do something on Monday too but we're not sure quite what yet. Still, that gives my Monday a silver lining.

I loved getting out and doing things and it was so beautiful outside. Earlier I had gone on a walk with my mom. Part of me just wants this breezy warmth to stay forever and another part really wants some cold and snow and Christmas songs on the radio. Is that crazy to already want Christmas? I think I was just born a Christmas person. I was born just 6 days before the Christmas of 1994. I'm the kind of person who has the decorations up while the Thanksgiving dishes aren't even cleared away yet. I'm also the kind of person who has Christmas music playing 24/7 on the radio in my room during the Holiday season. So, yeah, definitely the most wonderful time of the year.

Wow, that was a tangent.

Some bands you should get acquainted with, and fast!
Junior Senior
Dear and the Headlights
Blue Foundation
The Temper Trap
Look 'em up, fall in love.

Church tomorrow and I'll be glad to see Leah and Ashley and Allison! Missed their faces this week. Also trying to make plans to go to see Madison and go to haunted trails with Kortni. So those are just some upcoming yayvents. Thanks for reading, love ya!

"Can I get get get to know know know know you better baby?"-Junior Senior

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Point-slope: A Love Story

"Hey, Mariah, can you make up a joke using point-slope?"
ended with random rambling and corny stuff and my current title.

So, me and point-slope, we started off buddies when we first met. I was okay with point-slope (let's call him PS) and he was pretty fine with me too. It was a good couple of seconds, we just looked at each other and I was happy-no problems. THEN! my teacher spoke and point-slope suddenly turned into a huge beast wielding numbers that didn't exist and changing of formulas and word problems and things to memorize. It was as if PS has struck me quite directly in the forehead just for the fun of making my head spin and my vision go fuzzy. I thought to myself, "Why oh why did you do this to me point-slope? I thought we really had something!" and PS looked at me with all his confusing numbers and formulas and laughed,scoffingly. "You'll never understand me. I don't know why you thought you had a chance." and turned his back on me as I stared in a sort of horror at his jumbled frame on my notes.

Okay, so maybe it didn't really happen like that but I am having issues with point-slope form and I do have a pretty low grade in algebra.

Other than that my life is a general mess. Or at least in the areas where I think it counts. I try my best to be my best and do my best but people are unpredictable and sometimes I just can't win. That's typical, that's normal you say to me. Well, I know that you are right, dear reader, but that does not make struggle any less exhausting or surprising.

On a cheerier note I went to our school's first book club meeting this afternoon and had a really good time.*It sounds promising and I've picked up The Eyes of the Dragon for this months reading. I think it's usually just one book and according to genre but this month we're reading various books by the author Steven King. At the meeting we get to have coffee and tea and I had both today and both were lovely. I want to start using the wiki that's been set up but I have to get approved first. It was a highlight of my day and I'll anxiously await the monthly meetings.

P.S. Hair is now a peachy pinkish blonde as per Tuesday's sick day and impromptu shopping excursion. Completely happy with it but always surprised to catch myself in a mirror.
*Yes I am a complete nerd who goes to book club. What of it?