Saturday, October 3, 2009

Park,Christmas, and Bands

We went to the park today! By we I mean Savannah,Mariah and myself. We brought some picnic materials and took a lot of pictures and I playe
d with some berries that made my hands turn a pretty purple-pink color. =] I came home and bottled some of it. Yay! Homemade ink or dye or whatever. We ate oranges and cubed cheese and drank water. We listened to my iPod and enjoyed the sun and breeze. I'm also pretty sure I messed up someones game of frisbee golf. Haha. It was really fun and simple and great. The plan is to do something on Monday too but we're not sure quite what yet. Still, that gives my Monday a silver lining.

I loved getting out and doing things and it was so beautiful outside. Earlier I had gone on a walk with my mom. Part of me just wants this breezy warmth to stay forever and another part really wants some cold and snow and Christmas songs on the radio. Is that crazy to already want Christmas? I think I was just born a Christmas person. I was born just 6 days before the Christmas of 1994. I'm the kind of person who has the decorations up while the Thanksgiving dishes aren't even cleared away yet. I'm also the kind of person who has Christmas music playing 24/7 on the radio in my room during the Holiday season. So, yeah, definitely the most wonderful time of the year.

Wow, that was a tangent.

Some bands you should get acquainted with, and fast!
Junior Senior
Dear and the Headlights
Blue Foundation
The Temper Trap
Look 'em up, fall in love.

Church tomorrow and I'll be glad to see Leah and Ashley and Allison! Missed their faces this week. Also trying to make plans to go to see Madison and go to haunted trails with Kortni. So those are just some upcoming yayvents. Thanks for reading, love ya!

"Can I get get get to know know know know you better baby?"-Junior Senior

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  1. I am a lot like you I love the Christmas Holiday. Christmas lights in my room, the music on, and the feeling of Christmas in my heart way before it should be!


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