Thursday, October 1, 2009

Point-slope: A Love Story

"Hey, Mariah, can you make up a joke using point-slope?"
ended with random rambling and corny stuff and my current title.

So, me and point-slope, we started off buddies when we first met. I was okay with point-slope (let's call him PS) and he was pretty fine with me too. It was a good couple of seconds, we just looked at each other and I was happy-no problems. THEN! my teacher spoke and point-slope suddenly turned into a huge beast wielding numbers that didn't exist and changing of formulas and word problems and things to memorize. It was as if PS has struck me quite directly in the forehead just for the fun of making my head spin and my vision go fuzzy. I thought to myself, "Why oh why did you do this to me point-slope? I thought we really had something!" and PS looked at me with all his confusing numbers and formulas and laughed,scoffingly. "You'll never understand me. I don't know why you thought you had a chance." and turned his back on me as I stared in a sort of horror at his jumbled frame on my notes.

Okay, so maybe it didn't really happen like that but I am having issues with point-slope form and I do have a pretty low grade in algebra.

Other than that my life is a general mess. Or at least in the areas where I think it counts. I try my best to be my best and do my best but people are unpredictable and sometimes I just can't win. That's typical, that's normal you say to me. Well, I know that you are right, dear reader, but that does not make struggle any less exhausting or surprising.

On a cheerier note I went to our school's first book club meeting this afternoon and had a really good time.*It sounds promising and I've picked up The Eyes of the Dragon for this months reading. I think it's usually just one book and according to genre but this month we're reading various books by the author Steven King. At the meeting we get to have coffee and tea and I had both today and both were lovely. I want to start using the wiki that's been set up but I have to get approved first. It was a highlight of my day and I'll anxiously await the monthly meetings.

P.S. Hair is now a peachy pinkish blonde as per Tuesday's sick day and impromptu shopping excursion. Completely happy with it but always surprised to catch myself in a mirror.
*Yes I am a complete nerd who goes to book club. What of it?


  1. I love your love story, love(:
    Yeah, I just said that.

  2. I want to do book club next year! You can be the all powerful leader to show me around book club because there is so much to see!


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