Saturday, September 26, 2009


I'm not exactly the best painter and I don't boast about anything because I always know there'll be someone better than me at just about everything. But I do love painting when I get the urge to. Painting and drawing and making things with glue and construction paper and crayons. It's just like I'm all alone in this world of white and then there's color and it's my job to bring the two together to make something that wasn't there before. Sometimes I like the end result, and sometimes things I start never get finished, but it's always an adventure. I especially love to create and listen to music because the two worlds kind of meld in my dominant right brain and the words and images come together in a way that links them and links me. There's poetry, and there's art, and there's music, and then...there's me.

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  1. This blog reminds me of a book I once read.
    It was about this girl who could like hear colors and see sounds or something like that. But it was really good I have to figure out what it was but he cat dies and stuff like that but i cant think of the name. I like this music is such a wonderful thing!


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