Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today/yesterday has been/was amaziinnggg! The party went great and the food was amazing. All of mother's chili got eaten before the night was over. I took a lot of pictures and listened to the men in the living room talk. Of what I heard the conversation went from the Gathers to Healthcare. Fantastic,right? I took a lot of pictures and everyone was happy and excited. Presents and cards were opened and cake was eaten. Those, are not the best part in my opinion...

After most everything was done and the adults were sitting around eating, my little cousins tori and lexa, and I went outside for them to play and to talk. Tori took over the scooter we have laying around and me and lexa sat on the bricks steps and watched her and talked. We talked about school and friends and how it feels to be 10. (It seems like such a long time since I was 10. Only 4 years though. How can 4 years transform a person so much?)

They started playing around and doing this skit thing about like Traffic and they wanted me to watch. I was about to but then I got an idea. I said, "Stop! Wait! Let me get my camera!" and frantically ran-skipped into the house and back out with my camera. I looked at them and said, "Okay, do it again so I can see where I need to be." and then once I knew what I was looking for we got set up and I filmed it, and it was so cute and funny and great. I was so happy about it and they got really excited about it.

Then I pointed the camera at Mariah and said, "Do something." Immediately she started thinking about what to do but then she looked at me kind of worriedly and said, "Like what?" and I said, "Like a monologue or something." and aimed the lens at her and told her to "Go." It was magic and she spun an embellished almost-true story of a teen running over a mailbox. After I had cut the camera off-happy with just that-she got another idea. So then we filmed from the home owner's point of view and then the girls wanted to reenact the story. It was so great. Mariah looked at me and told me we'd probably have to edit the stuff together and I felt kind of bad because I thought how great that would be but also thought I didn't have any software for that. BUT I Totally DO! Windows Movie Maker. I had no idea though. So the girls did a couple more funny things and then we came inside and watched ourselves being silly and started putting stuff together. They were tickled to death and said they wanted to do some more acting next time they came to see us. :D

I know we agreed on pictures for this month but I think 2 videos is just as well.

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  1. Those videos our WOnderful. Mariah is funny in her parts and I could hear you trying not to laugh while she was talking it was great. More of these videos need to be made! It would be amazing!


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