Saturday, September 12, 2009

Party, Vegetarianism, and The Cure

We have a party going down at my house today! It's for my cousin Lexa, her tenth, and her grandparents-one who has the same exact birthday and the other with a birthday this past week. We cleaned like crazy and the house looks nice and guest-worthy. Mother fixed some chili and my aunt is bringing some chicken soup and some cake. Other people may bring other things but that's all I know for now. I'm excited about the soup because 1. It tastes fantastic and 2. I can pick out the chicken with ease. I really love when people cook with me in mind.

I'm a vegetarian and most of you know that. I joined PETA a while back. That's come to be interesting at times as I get sent a lot of stuff. I also get grief from people a lot when they find out but I say, different strokes for different folks. I'm not extremely loud about any of my personal beliefs unless you ask so I'd much rather people not debate me/get angry at me for them.

I had a really great week at school though I was really tired for Tuesday and Wednesday. I love short weeks. My mind, the way it is, has a strategy for looking at school/work weeks. It kind of works like this song. Haha.
But,anyway, on Monday I am tired a lot but try to be happy even though I feel like falling down on the floor and letting people in the halls step on me while I sleep until 12. That would be fun.

Tuesday always seems laid back. Nothing happens on a Tuesday. I'd never get married on a Tuesday. Too boring. But Tuesday is just one of those days I walk through.

Wednesday is the halfway point and it gives me a boost. Wednesday is also church day and Glee day so it is looked forward to. Wednesdays don't usually result in anything bad and so they make me happy.

Thursday is the day when I think, 'Hey, this week took no time at all! It's almost Friday!' and where I am more upbeat and happy. Thursdays are days when things happen and the world is good to me.

Fridays are always weird but joyous. Weird because I keep getting startled when I realize I can take a nap and not worry about not sleeping at night. I can stay up watching tv. I can go places and not worry about my pile of homework. It's like freedom. At school everyone seems a little louder and either a lot happier or really angry because of the aftermath of their own week. It's an emotional day.

So, that's just how it works for me. Do yall have anything like that?

(by the way. That is a threadless t-shirt that you can buy for me. =])


  1. So did you ever get the t-shirt?
    I liked the song it was good. It was like the totally truth!


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