Saturday, December 11, 2010

On Gifts

Oh, hey little white box. It's been a while. I don't have too much to say. Uhm... can I get a prompt for this dealio?

I need a shower. If my hair were any oilier it'd be dripping. But, I've spent all day working with it stuck up. So, yes. This blog has almost gotten to obligation point and it's not as fun. Most likely because I've been writing all day. Ughh. And more writing tomorrow because I gave up for tonight.

I just read an entire article on sword swallowing. Woah man.

Thanks to a suggestion by Lole, gift giving and gift receiving. A good topic for this time of year.


I LOVE gift giving! To a fault sometimes. When I shop for people I get so excited. I have to hold myself back from going overboard. I love getting things that match well and things I really feel suit them. I love getting things people really want.There is nothing more exciting than making someone happy and I always want to do that. Seeing someone you love really love something you got for them while thinking about them, is just..the best thing ever.


This, can be tricky. Because when you are getting a gift there is someone on the other side of it waiting for you to love it. But, best case scenario you do. I really enjoy getting gifts because it shows people care and that they appreciate you. I feel like it speaks so much louder than words sometimes. Plus, who doesn't love having something that reminds you of someone you love that you really like? I don't know, I just think the whole thing is really great.

Thanks for reading, night.

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