Thursday, December 16, 2010

Alone at Christmastime

03 - Last Christmas - Wham by Morein

What is it about Christmas that finds me laying on my bed,sadly sighing and staring at nothing? Is it the lights? Or the music? Or the presents? Or is it just that idea of walking through a cold night, holding someone's hand? And yes, I'm quite sentimental. And yes, I'm well enough and content to have just me. But, a girl's heart never stops hoping.


  1. There is plenty of time to find that perfect someone special to hold hands forever with. Enjoy the place you are in now, with loving family and friends. Each phase in our lives is special in it's own way. Remember not to rush through it to "someday". Someday comes in it's own time.

  2. ^^ this is pretty much exactly what i was about to type. but you stole it. but thanks, cause you probably said it better than i could. we have each other!! <3


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