Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Loves

Now I'm the one who's excited!
14 days till my birthday
13 school days till Christmas break

Amen. And even so, let it come.

This weekend has been fantastic for me. The busier I am, and the more fun I'm having, the slower the weekend seems to go. I loved working at the shop with my boo. I loved spending the day celebrating Lole with my best friends. CALM. (CLAM)

And today, it was great to see my grandparents. My granzie, mom, and I went down to the cafeteria and ate. I'm not sure quite how long we were down there but I do know that the conversation we had was really great and there was not a dull moment. She surprises me so often with truly meaningful nuggets of wisdom, her funny stories, and most of all her undying kindness. I love her so much and I hope to grow more and more like her. Pray for my granddad. I'm not really that worried, but I do want him to come out of the bypass surgery Tuesday morning 150% better than before. If anyone deserves it he does. But he keeps talking about being at peace with his life and feeling no guilt. I'm glad, really glad, he feels that way and it eases my mind. But I still don't want him talking that way. He is my only Granddad Bruce, and I don't want him going anywhere.

Trying to get myself in a mindset of being really productive this week. (Which will probably start by me cleaning my room tonight.) I know I have a lot to tackle and I'm a little worried about getting burnt out. So. Many. Papers. Onward, to victory!

Since like 4 o'clock today I've been bumming in pajama pants, big fuzzy boots, and a sweatshirt with my hair put up. But I've felt gorgeous and magical the whole time. That, my dears, is the definition of self confidence.

I must go run and clean. But, I LOVE YOU! (And don't you dare forget it.)

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