Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Christmas List

I feel like crying. And I know it's just the stress that's getting to me.

The Good
-Been productive today
-finished last night of Kitty City
-tried to lay down some birthday plans
-happy with art project so far, super cute fake mouse for my monster cat
-I <3 painting
-I <3 my Goldilocks' mom costume
-Rass said I had good energy with my character
-My granddad's surgery went great and he's feeling fine. He'll have a nurse with him at all times so I know he's well cared for.
-I'm excited about the prospect of being 16.

The Bad
-English paper without a strong thesis
-Goldilocks! I'm kind of scared. I have to carry some bowsl to put on a table during like 6 transitions, right? And half the time today the girl who was supposed to get the table has just...not gotten the table. So I have to carry out the table with the fragile bowls on it, set the table where it should be, then set out the bowls. All in what should be a short transition. Whattttt?
-Art Project. Am I really stressed about an art project? Yes I am. I really want this to be something I'm proud of.I am farther behind than everyone else because I had that field trip and missed a day, I'm very precise with my colors, and I just generally work slow. Thankfully I have the whole background done and I like it so I won't touch it again...but yikes. Will I be done by Thursday?
-Civics..now a presentation on Supply & Demand, presenting Thursday. And then I have to write a paper about that due some time in January.
-I do NOT want to work on anything over Christmas break. You women are crazy!
-I'm getting to sleep later than I wanted to again.
-Being at Kitty City totally jacked up my sinuses.
-One complicated boy put a damper on most of my day.

The Christmas/Birthday List

These are random things I want/like.Last time I made a list like this it included a hot tub and like a Mustang. So I'll try and make it realistic.

-That black mask from Earth Bound/jewelry from there
-Starbucks gift card
-Money so I can save for...
-Christmas gifts, a nice camera
-Record player
-Web cam
-Random instruments (I already have kazoos and a slide whistle)
-Locket, I've really been wanting a pretty locket for a while. Preferably one with a long chain. (I don't normally wear gold.)
-Things with owls
-Calligraphy pens
-New copy of Scrambled Eggs at Midnight/other books I don't have
-fashionable scarves
-Cute sweatpants
-New, roomy purse
-A copy of the key to our red car
-nice new gloves
-Other gifts cards
(This will be added to. If you care to check back, feel free.)

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  1. i love you and hope your days get less squished by school work! and i'm very glad that you put the christmas list up since i have been thinking about what amazing thing i'm going to get you for your 16th birthday! you old ladyy!! praying for you <3


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