Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 29,2010

Now officially back to broke after the holiday season. All it took was one medium size Hawaiian pizza to clean me out. Ugh. I need a job, and a car, more free time, etc.

Woke up, ate, watched a movie, did lots of nothing on internet, thought I might Skype eventually, was looking realllll bad, changed out of yesterdays shirt and put on a hat. My life is successful.

I love these hats. I wish I had like 12 more in every color. Man. Who am I kidding? If I got a job I would spend all my money on hats.

UFDZFNSKGN DMV MVDFMG,DN,D,MDGN. I'm not bored or unhappy, there are just a lot of things I could get done today that I don't want to do and my friends are out shopping.

It bothers me when people type in the address bar and feel the need to type "www." It's unnecessary. The computer knows you are looking for something on the world wide web. So, save yourself some time and stop that.

The thing about writing crap you don't wanna write is...you just have to do it. You have to step away from the pizza, stop creeping on facebook,blogger, and tumblr, stop whimpering about your current state, and write a dang paper!

Or....ORRRRRRRRRRRR we continue doing all those things happily.

Ha ha.

And maybe also watch some HIMYM.


Here, how about I finish my thesis statement, do a couple notecards, then get back to doing nothing.....yeah?


Okay, so I did half of that.

Ugh, I'm such a grammar nazi.
And a music snob.
And I'm eating chocolate like a fiend. Like the world's supply of chocolate will soon corrode and turn to dust so I must eat it while it is still edible.

Using my webcam like a mirror. Laziness.

About to go to church. Lookin' cute.

Wish I had green eyes.

Mom just got home and we drank some sparkling grape juice and toasted to her impending end of year bonus.

Gonna go talk to Andrew some more. That's mah boo. <3

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  1. i like your eyes(: this made me laugh. i feel the saaaaame wayyy! i love you :)


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