Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Little Things

I like...

sitting in the passenger seat of the car while it's raining and seeing the colors of stoplights illuminate the droplets of rain/walking down the outside hallway by the art building with my big boots on when no one else is around, hearing the scooting sound echo off the buildings and filling the space with my own sound, feeling like there are a million of me walking in tandem/the surprise of a new smell in a room or on a person/Christmas lights on houses that twinkle, or are interesting shapes/my pretty golden ring on my left hand and how it is so opposite from the one on my right/ realizing other people like the music that I do /the giddy joy that fills up in me just thinking about SNOW/ my mother's signature/ the way my bed feels so perfect on a Saturday morning when I wake up by myself/ making things/ "putting too many marshmallows in my hot chocolate"/ trying new food and liking it/ only doing things I want to do-and not bullying myself for things I can't do/long showers/rainy days that end up better than expected/ drawing pictures on the car windows on cold night trips/ being old enough to not have to sit at the 'kid's table'/ being young enough to choose to sit there anyway/music that transports you/ the thought put into presents/ turning 16 tonight/ending this post.

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