Thursday, December 9, 2010

14 Measly points

Uhhhh... Sat down to write this then went blank. Numbered blog!

1. Looking forward to pizza tomorrow. I am so obsessed with food. Today I had..
-chicken and cheese plate
-macaroni and cheese
-chicken nuggets

2. I apologize for being sad and vague yesterday. But sometimes there is too much going on in your head that you can barely explain to yourself, much less an audience.

3. English paper totally doesn't phase me that much when I'm sitting around at home being a dumbbutt and not doing it. But then, in class, my stomach starts to quiver and I feel like I'm dying. Not healthy. It's toooooo much.

4. I'm pretty sure the only thing my lunch table did today was complain. It was still a good convo though.

5. Chessa Metz, I love your blog and all your writing in general. If I want to make a joke, I should make it about myself.

6. I like writing in planners. I like planning things to do. I just don't like doing the things.

7. Bay is in my lap sleeping and being cute.

8. Sorry, I'm super awkward. Blame me. I mean, the situation was not good. What was I supposed to say? Don't make me seem like an awful person because I was surprised, and stressed out, and generally worried. I should have said something..yeah...but maybe I had no idea what to say. And better be silent than come across really terribly to someone's parent.

9.Colddddd. In my house, outside, in the art room.

10. Excited for pottery.

11. Excited for O'Charley's soup.

12. Added on to my Christmas/Birthday list.

13. Goldilock's final dress with administrators watching tomorrow. Uhmm...0_0

14. Goodnight, I'm done.

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  1. ugh, so much confusion? I feel like I missed a lot in one day? :(


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