Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Christian Base System

The other night Chris asked me if I knew what the base system was. I told him I had a pretty good idea but had heard it different ways. We ended up finding it ourselves but neither of us liked what we found and thought the whole thing was childish and kind of stupid.

But as that was on my mind, I was thinking of how in most Christian relationships the "base system" doesn't apply. So, I came up with the Christian base system, consisting of,

1st-Holding Hands

Really, it is that much of a jump, or should be, in a Christian relationship. Both parties should be getting to know each other personally and spiritually and should be committed to one another before they try to learn about each other physically.

On that note, here are some of my guy standards that I dug out of my future book. (The book in which I have written baby names and places I want to go and things I want to do, etc.) I wrote these a while back (around 12? 13?), but hey, a girl knows what she wants.

  1. personality/beliefs
  • Christian-strong conviction
  • sensible
  • funny
  • witty
  • smart but humble
  • loving-passionate-faithful
  • energetic
  • morning person
  • able to dance
  • mysterious-interesting
  • handy
  • creative-artistic
  • devoted
  • pure
  • mature
  • compassionate-love for others
2. looks
  • taller than me
  • pretty eyes
  • strong but not overly so-abs
  • nice hair-not perfect
  • fullish lips
So, those are some of my wants/needs in a guy since I told Mariah I might post some of mine too and these subjects seemed to go together. Thanks for reading. <3


  1. Haha. It's more like: hand-holding, kissing, MARRIAGE! (: I also like your list of boy requirements/ wants.
    But just so you know, you are too good for any of them. (Just don't tell Chris I said that.)
    I am going to miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss you next weeeeek!

  2. hey girl this was really great. and does Chris live up to these standards??? Maybe I need to post a list to. hmmm, idk!

  3. So what was the Christian base system you found? Your mind seems so interesting. So do you still write, look into that future book?

  4. I do occasionally, mostly I just dig it out to read it every once in a while. I should so write about my 5 story house and what not.


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