Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Crow That Wouldn't Let Go-A short story by Mikaella

Once upon a time our troop was heading out for putt-putt. As we exited the lobby doors we spotted a black as black crow on the road. The crow was flapping it's dark wings as the other crows watched from above.
"What happened?" asked Kortni.
"The thing just flew into the car garage." said the doorman.
We watched for a few seconds longer.
"We would help it but we're not supposed to touch them." said another worker.
"I can!" said Kortni as we walked towards the bird.
We told the others to go on as we ran to aid the injured crow.
"What if he bites?" said Kortni.
"I know," I said "that's what I'm worried about."
I carefully reached around his small black body and held onto his feet. He grabbed one pinkie in each clawed foot and held on as we walked over to the bushes.
"He's holding on." I said.
"Aw,that's sweet." Kortni said.
I set him down in the pine needles and tried to shake him off but he had a firm grip on me.
"Go on little buddy. Now you're safe,"I said. "Come" I said as I tried to pull free.
"What is he doing?" Kortni asked.
I continued to shake and prod the little fellow but he just sat tight and resisted. Kortni started gently pulling on his feet but as she pulled he gripped tighter.
"Crap, oww.." I said as I stared down at him.
We kept struggling and prodding and pulling but Kortni couldn't get him to let go.
"We need to get like a big strong man or something." I said, yeling every now and then as the crow tightened his grip on my tiny fingers.
Finally we pulled my fingers free after much trying and loosening. We left him sitting where he was. He sat still, in shock we supposed, as we ran on to the parking garage.

We named him Jeffery. Or I did at least. Most of this morning was spent sleeping for me and Kortni because we didn't feel like getting up to eat breakfast. Then at around 1 we were heading out for the mini golfing. We had a good time and I made up for my lack of picture taking. It was dinosaur themed. :)

We also went to a shop called the Gay Dolphin where I bought things that I won't tell you about. Hehe. That place was a maze! I took a lot of pictures there as well.

Then we ate some spagetti and walked down the the pier since I had never been to the pier. I made Kortni jog there with me and she's not too happy about that this morning. Haha.

I meant to post this up yesterday but me and Kortni stayed out on the balcony talking for like 2 hours or something like that. Which was lovely but then around 1 I stopped being very we went to bed.


  1. Aw. That's a sad crow story, but it sounds amazing. I can't wait to see all of your pictures :D

  2. Sadness the poor crow. Did you ever see Jeffery again? So is Blake real or not I think it was Blake Or maybe not. The one that lives on floor 15?

  3. I never saw him again. The door holder guy said it happened a lot, crows flying into the building wall and getting hurt. Sad. Shane and Blake were both real.


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