Wednesday, August 26, 2009

-whispers- "I have opinions."

Today in Theatre we had to do a name learning actvity where we had to say our name then make up a little dance move. Then everyone else had to say our name and do our little dance move.We went around the circle and added people on and did all their moves and stuff.

This one guy, who I believe is called Donelle, but likes Jay better, tried to get us to do this one move and I think it's called the jerk. If you watch the video it's the part where it looks like they are skipping backwards. It looks cool and like Chessa can do it and she's extremely white but she is also a dancer and extremely great at everything. I attempted it, and had a bit of fail going on. Haha.

Chessa did the train ( it's like, you take your arms and bend them by your sides and then move your arms and body in a sort of circle as to signify the movement of a train. Yeah, I know, you've seen it done or done it yourself before.) with her name and this guy Daniel has fun with that. Making it far more sexual than necessary. I have the feeling he will continue with that sort of humor.

But by and large (what does that even mean?), I love theatre because even though it isn't going to be all about goofing off it is very free and open and we can spread our wings a bit.

Also, recently after starting school, and hey, most of my life, I've dealt with/been under authority figures. One little piece of advice that I cannot stress enough is that if you expect respect you must reflect respect! (Say it, 5x fast, c'mon, you know you want to.) If you come in ripping and roaring and telling the people under you exactly what they are going to do because you said so, half the people there will either roll they're eyes, make that little pft noise, or start to despise you-if not openly, or out loud, in their heads at least. You need to show them that even though they are under you and you have a small amount of control over their lives that doesn't make them less important, or less of a person.

Also, teachers, parents, principles, and others who are in charge of pupils/ or anyone in charge of people younger than you: Most of us should or do know we are not as smart as you! (There is an occasional exception but even if you have a person with an amazing IQ they are probably not as smart when it comes to- common sense, life lesson, and life experience. And of course those kids who do believe they know everything, but that is quickly dis-proven.) There is no need to enforce this idea. We know. BUT, you shouldn't hold it against us that we are young, that we don't know everything, that we may not have that much common sense, and we don't have an abundance of experience. "Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe."1 Timonthy 4: 12

So, we may need discipline, we may need pointers, but in no way are we not people, or not important, or unintelligent. Just so you know.


  1. You are lovely as always(:

  2. Words of wisdom. I like. I remember the days of theatre 1 awww. I miss it already.


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