Monday, August 24, 2009

So, Last Day of Freedom...What did you do?

I'll tell ya what I did!

So I woke up around 11 and texted Mariah and we had a little conversation because we didn't feel the need to get up yet. I asked her what the game plan for today was and we agreed on breakfast,movie,library,lunch,chores. I don't think we actually had any lunch..Hmm.

We got up and messed around for a while and then I made us a fantastic breakfast. Despite my avoidance of most cooking I make an exception when it comes to breakfast.We had vegetarian bacon (and a sausage patty for Mariah),scrambled eggs, half an orange and orange juice. It was wonderful and scrumptious and amazing.

We watched Treasure Planet because I figured out the main character's voice was done by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a.k.a the beautiful man who stars in (500) Days of Summer and 10 Things I Hate About You. It really is a great movie and really made me want one of these.It had action, it had suspense, it had romance, and it had handsome animated characters.Mariah and I enjoyed it and laughed a lot and were very satisfied with the choice.

When there was about 30 minutes left we paused to go and turn some books back in at the library. When I got back into the car mother called and re-directed us towards Cloverleaf shopping center to look for some belts since Mariah wanted some. I ended up getting a black belt (haha, black belt) and some eyeshadow. Mariah got a new teil scarf and some black flats. We stylin' and profiling. Haha,I just said that.

When we got back home we finished up the movie and did some chores. I still need to mop as my mother has reminded me. Rawr.

I mopped. It looks pretty nice. =] Now I'm all hotttttt now.

Oh,gosh,so, tomorrow is school. I still don't know what I'm wearing. I haven't taken a shower. I have unshaven legs. I haven't packed my lunch. Oh gosh, I'm gonna die! -dies-

Help me!


  1. "Now I'm all hotttt now."
    Yes, you said that.
    And my flats are black and grey plaid, which is much cooler than black(:

  2. Well sounds like you guys has an enjoyable final day of freedom. lol. I'll miss you both today but Kaka, YOU WILL BE FINE!

  3. That seemed like a great day!
    Did you know you passed 9th grade and survived. True story!
    Treasure Island is a really good book and movie I want to watch it now. Hmmmm.


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