Friday, August 28, 2009

What could you do with a...

empty blog post and nothing in your head? I'll give you pictures!

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Hey! Look! It's me! Today!

This is the fall play being performed at the high school that I get more and more excited about the more I read it. It seems really dynamic and fun. I have dibs on Brenda. She's a lady who works at the main character, Iuean's, work.It's the Documentation Department Office. She's very loud, and sarcastic, and she answers phones. Sounds magnificent. An example:

Brenda: Half of it is no dang good! I need the whole thing. What a moron. I don't care if you've only been there three days just fix it.

Brenda: (Without looking up) What?!? (Sees Iuean) Oh. Hi Iuean.

Magical,neh? I'd really like it. So, finger's crossed for auditions.

This little gem here is something I drew in algebra as I was out of my mind bored. It signifies how in that class 12 o'clock always seems to be late coming and always seems to be the most important thing to us. Getting out of there and getting lunch. So, I thought it was pretty and a good representation of our pain. Haha.

I meant to post this up last night but was so knackered by 11 that I just had to cave in. I feel so old.

Today I woke up and cleaned some and now I'm just lazily doing homework and reading and stuff. Fun fun. It really is lovely to be able to relax. Like really.

Added Bonus! Pig auditions are Sept 2 from 2:30-5. Yikes!


  1. Great idea. In fact, I did this yesterday, except it involve some fine man candy. Great minds think differently, but ultimately arrive at the same conclusion (depending on the circumstance)

    Maybe I should have just said "Great minds think alike"

  2. I remember you telling me about this forever ago. Just barely. It's a nice refresher though. You need to blog more often darling. You should pay attention in Algebra that class is important. It will be a big help in Geometry. Trust me. It'll help in Trig too.

  3. PIG!
    "it fell down the back you see"
    I loved your part as the old lady. I cant wait for next year when we get even bigger parts in the play.
    Where did he come from? haha


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