Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Have you ever been listening to your iPod and you get this run of songs that are just so perfect together even when you aren't listening to a playlist? Or when you think about a song you'd really like to listen to and then it comes up next? Those things happen to me all the time! I've decided it's because my iPod loves me so much and likes to please me. I decided to name it Roxy. It deserves a cool name since it's lovely. ( I got it in June and it's a new purple nano.)

Just a thought of mine.

I also realized that I have 16 posts for this month and that I've posted twice on a day atleast once, which means I've skipped 3 days. I kind of want to make up for that just so I can feel good when it gets to the 31st and I have 31 posts. It would just feel like more of an accomplishment.A bit crazy. Don't judge me.

Currently listening to: Mrs.Nerimon by Christina Horner from her and Luke Conard's album SONGS IN THE KEY OF E-MAIL. ^-^

We're supposed to be babysitting tonight but I think the people bailed on us. Odd.

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  1. Very odd to bail. Music such an awesome thing! Cool Ipod!


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