Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Am I really this boring? Oh, right, yeah, definately.

This morning my father got me up around 9 and I stayed up. I think that's a good start. I've been meaning to go to bed earlier and get up earlier each night/morning but so far I haven't done too well on the nighttime part. 10,11,12.

We went to go see the movie 500 Days of Summer which I've been salivating over since I saw some trailers on youtube and then continued to watch any bit of video I could find about it. It lived up to my expectations and there was also more than I expected. If you plan to see it don't go with a mindset of a feel good film. It's really heavy, but it's also really real. Also the main guy also starred in 10 Things I Hate About You. (What's with this guy and number titles?) So as that movie is one of my favorites it really piqued my attention. :) Go and listen to the soundtrack, as it is amazing.

Mariah and I went to Target this afternoon with our mother and she bought me some new shoes and a shirt. I still need some pants but pants shopping is just a pain.

Too often I'm being reminded of August 25th. Just as much as I try to ignore it, even more quickly it approaches. It's not even real to me. I mean, well, obviously this helped. But still. -moanymoanmoan- Summer forever and infinite knowledge without the early morning or the homework-SIGN ME UP.

I was thinking that maybe for the first week I would wear some different personas just to mess with peoples heads. Like Monday-Prep Tuesday-skater Wednesday-emolicious Thursday-uberreligiousgeekface and then Friday I would come as me. Sounds like loads of fun but Mariah doesn't encourage it. Most things Mariah doesn't encourage are borderline bad idea but some turn out good. I don't think I have all the clothes for all those though. Hmm.

Caitlin- I love you and you're amazing and I loved talking and laughing with you and even though I know I'm the annoying little sister I hope I can hang out with you and Mariah again soon.
Mariah-Thankyou for laughing at exactly the same times I did in the theater. :)
Chris- I belive you are napping at the moment because you felt bad. I hope you feel better. We need to watch movies together. Arty movies that are cool and fun and amazing. Please click this. Reminded me a lot of Mozart and the Whale.


  1. Watch that movie with me, dear? "Adam." It sounds interesting.

  2. your more than just the annoying sister, your one of my very good friends and don't you forget it!

  3. That movie looks really good. Adam
    I would like to see 500 days of summer
    The soundtrack thing is not up any more I looked
    I loved the pep talk video it was so good!

  4. I watched it, it was good, but also sad. BUT GOOD!
    And so you should, I definitely have both movies.
    Oh. No fun. You can find it elsewhere though.
    Hayleyghoover is like my favorite she is soooo funny. I love her video blogs-and her actual blog. Hilarious!


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