Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well then, high school.

The reason I got up this morning was because I couldn't get my text messages unless I disabled my alarm. So I was awoken at 5:30 on the dot and got up and pulled on my robe and got some coffee and then started to get ready. Mariah came into the bathroom while I was washing my face with my "Wake Up" playlist on speakers. "I'm a high schooler." I think I said, or something like that. "Yep." or "I know." she said.

I like listening to music because it really does wake me up. It was good this morning because my dad had turned on the hall and living room and kitchen lights so it seemed like day time. Sometimes when I wake up and haven't gotten enough sleep my stomach quivers like I might just throw up. I had none of that this morning. Hopefully I will be able to get enough sleep to where I don't have to deal with that.

I was done getting all ready around 6:30 and spent the rest of time on the computer. I got a Farmville. (Don't judge.) So I messed around with that a bit for the fun of it. We headed out around 6:45, which we should do every morning and got there early enough for me to mill around with some other freshies.

I don't feel like a freshman. I don't feel like anything really.

Homeroom: Deal
Mrs/Ms. Deal seemed nice and she was a pretty lady. A nice voice and not abrasive. It was death quiet in there part tiredness and part first week no talk-ism. She handed out things to be signed and helped people out who needed to know how to get to classes they weren't sure about the location of. So, nice. I knew most people in there.
First period: Andersen
Mrs. Andersen teaches Honors World History. She seems a bit eccentric and is a very hyperish person. She reminds me of Mrs. Hardin, the Bible teacher. She divided the room where girls were on one side and boys were on the other to make an example of how women used to not have equal rights. She also passed out papers and such to them first. Overall I think I'll like her but I also think I'll find myself rolling my eyes at her antics and ways of doing things.It's also really cold in her room.
Second period: Hubbared
Mr.Hubbared was not there today for my P.E. class so we got the spiel from a man who I can only remember as Mr.VK. I figured out that I know a few people in my class and I get to have Health first. I am relived at this because it means I can experience P.E. after it gets a little chillier. I don't like health or p.e. Bleh.
Third Period: Karrants
Mr.Karrants in Eeyore. He said so himself. He is my algebra teacher. If that man has emotions I sure can't find them. He never smiles and his smilie faces are circles with dots and a straight line. He has a very dry sense of humor. He says he isn't a great teacher. He talked about himself the most out of all my teachers. He said he started off as an engineer because that's what a test told him to do but he didn't really like it. Then he became a teacher, he doesn't really like that either. I have a feeling I may struggle in that class as it takes people who are interested in what they teach to make me interested in what they teach. It's cold in that class too, and he talks to quiet, and I think it might be haunted because today the power cut out two times and then came back on. For the most boring teacher I think I may ever have, he sure is interesting.
Fourth period: Rasslert
I kind of feel inclined to call her "The Rasst" I wonder if she'd mind. Fourth period is by far my favorite class of the day and will probably continue to be so. My classmates seem like an interesting mix and I have the class with Chessa,Christina, Lole, and Bethany. I also have it with a senior named Josie who Mariah knows. She looks like a 6th grader. =p At the beginning of the class we did a roll call thing where we stood up, said our name, and our favorite color. Then the class copied us, clapped, and we sat back down. (Mikaella, dark purple. Mikaella, dark purple. -clap-) Then we wrote in our journal/reflection thinger majig. We were supposed to write about the quote "Just say the lines and don't trip over the furniture." by Noel Coward. She was very open minded about what we could write. Or we could just draw pictures. It just had to somehow correlate to the quote. It was fun. Then we played 'get ta know ya' games.

After school I talked to Cody and Nick for a bit then I told Mariah about my day in the car. So it was a lot of the same with rules and things to be signed but it wasn't terrible. I hope for the best for tomorrow as well.


  1. Sounds like you had an okay first day of school. But one thing its NCHS not NWHS. just so you know! It was weird not seeing your sisters beautiful face along with yours too because if I was still at NCHS I would have seen you too. love ya darling!

  2. I remember third block. I sat next to you part of the class and I sounded like an idiot when he asked me questions. It was always cold in there CRAZY! I loved theatre. I said green! and drew a really bad picture but it was fun. I cant wait for next year. Im going to send you a message on Facebook of my classes so we can see what we have together.


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