Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Day!

You can't see it very well but that's a picture I drew in my algebra class. (Anyone else see a trend here?) It's of an igloo with a sign that says Mobile Unit 2 and then a picture of my teacher is in an eskimo outfit writing on the board with his warm breath creating steam in the crazy cold air. Feel free to applaud or send money.

Today was good and I'm glad that I haven't had a bad day yet. I'm always tired by 2:15 but, hey, I'd rather be tired and happy then unhappy and full of energy any day. Anyways, today after school Mariah drove us over to Caitlin's and we hung out with her and Savannah. We ate and did homework and listened to music and watched 17 Again. It was nice and girly and high schooly and what not. I also had fun playing with Cait's Mac. I really really would enjoy a Mac laptop. Birthday? Christmas? Think about it.

Wow, no more mandatory blogging. How weird. I'm half happy and yet there is a bitter tang to this. What will I read? (Saying this, knowing I forgot to take Caitlin's Sarah Dessen books home.) So, yall better post or I will just miss it waaayyyy too much.

Say Mariah, maybe we can go have some fun at that thrift store then pick up the books one day? Sounds great to me.

I'm tired-surprise surprise so I need to go do my devotionals and wash my face and then get some sleep! I love you all!

Obligatorily yours,


  1. You always seemed to be tired you know?
    Well sleeping in works!

  2. I AM always tired. It's crazzzy. I dislike it. Totally.


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