Thursday, August 27, 2009

Joy, I has it

Today was a pretty great day! I'm not sure why; maybe because we did more in classes. Or it could be because I got good sleep or liked my hair or that the moons were aligned! For whatever reason, I was in a good mood and it just made everything better. :D

We did our dance things in theatre and though I am not extremely great, I did have an extremely great time. I really love that class and spending time with people in there. Bethany and Lole are both quiet but both fun to be around. Also it's nice to mingle with some older people just so I don't feel like the plague. I know how uncool I am, and I probably will stay that way, but hey, that's not because I'm a freshman. That's just me. Haha, and I'll probably always be a spazz in there because it's right after lunch and I am like literally buzzing with energy.

Some random teacher lady told me she liked my hair today as we were walking out. That was nice. Not nice enough to overcome the death that is walking with a heavy bookbag down to the parking lot and getting into the steaming hot car that I seriously think may kill me one day. It just zaps all your energy, like-KASHAM! I'm glad I didn't nap this afternoon though so right now I'm still moderately tired and I'll be able to go to bed at a reasonable time.

School really has stuck me in schedule mode. For the most part I like it and I'm like, "Thanks brain for working that out for me so that I get everything done. I would pat you on the back if you weren't in my head." but I'm also like, "Wow, my life is one dull routine of this, then that, then do that other thing. What am I living for?" Then I remember my awesome friends and family and the cool stuff I do in my down time-so no worries.

Pray for a friend of mine going through a real transition in her life. That's all I have for now. Love ya!

Corie, Barefoot in the Park -"You will not go to sleep. You will stay here and fight for our marriage!"


  1. You're clever and lovely(:

  2. I remember that quote . We need to perform that play or something, because I really like it but no one ever does it. Gosh! KASHAM!!!!!!!!!!


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