Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This morning me and Kortni were woken to go to paint on sand dollars around 10:30. There was a lady who was coordinating activities and there were things like water balloon tossing and water games and tye dye what not. I ended up painting a little wooden snake and taking forever to paint it. (It's purple and black and white.)

After some other games where we chaperoned the girls, Alexandra and Adrianna, we decided to go up to the room and get dressed and put on makeup to go out to eat later while everyone else was at the beach. We got all dressed up in our matching "Vegetarian Vampire" shirts and supervised while the girls did the balloon toss and then in chairs by the indoor pool.

It just happened that we met this boy Blake at the beach and then he followed us to the pool. Then of course we had to tell him not to splash because "We preffered to not get wet in our clothes." So, obviously, of course, almost as the necessary and completely natural reaction, Blake started splashing us. A lot. So, then, I threw his towel in the pool. Then, he took said towel and chased me and then got my whole entire front soaked. So, I was pretty unhappy. Then he chased Kortni around while I sat in my chair pouting. In the end Kortni jumped into the pool in all her clothes to tackle Blake. Then when I walked over to laugh at her Shane pulled me in.... So that's the story of how me and Kortni both ended up in the pool completely clothed. After that we were just getting thrown in and getting back out over and over. Fun stuff.

Later on we went out to eat and to get groceries. We went like an hour and a half to get to this place called Tony's. I had some cheese bread stick things and then some fetticini alfredo noodles. It was good. =] The grocery store was fun and we ran around and picked stuff up and talked about stuff and tried to avoid all the beguiling beef jerky. (xD) But we got waffles, and hot chocolate, and gushers, and fruit roll ups, and yoohoo. Funfunfunfunfun. (Gosh, I would get excited about food.)

So, anyways, Blake is nice and he hung out with us for a while tonight then him and Shane ditched us for a walk on the beach in the moonlight...together.... (Naw, they have some girl who lookes 9 but is actually 14.) He's 14 and Shane is 16. Shane thinks we are stalkers. I think we might be. Also, I have an inkling that Shane might be real, seeing as I can touch him and my finger doesn't go all the way through or dissappear or anything funky like that. Also he tried to tickle me and pulled me in and all that. So my imagination doesn't do that. Unless I have a weird realistic Fight Clubesque thing going on. But maybe Kortni would tell me? Or is she...also...? Well, now I'm questioning reality and coming up with conspiracy theories so....enough.

After we got back we put up the groceries then hung out at the pool for a while and now I'm back in the room trying to use a bathing-suit coverup as a nightie because I didn't feel like wearing pants. Yay. So we're watching The Nanny and eating and general stuck-in-the-room-for-the-night stuff. Nothing else of interest! Love ya!

P.S-Kortni says hi. ANDDD! Chris might/is/uhm..I think will be starting a blog so he can write about me and embarass me. Naw,I kid. I dunno. He's a fantastic writer and some day that's how he will make all dat cash.


  1. I can embarrass you? Awesome! I'll get right on that snugglebear.

  2. sounds like you are having a fantastic time at the beach! glad you are!

  3. I saw that snake in you room on you book shelf next to the painted glasses something or other. But I thought you colored the snake red and black? The beach sounds like fun. I need to go to the beach I just want to sit and look at it all and be amazed!

  4. I did paint it purple but it dried red which kind of bothered me, but oh well. Yes, that is why I want a beach house, so I can always experience its majesty and so my good ol friends can come and visit and enjoy it with me whenever they need to.


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