Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Was Oriented

Today I went to my freshie orientation. I was kind of frustrated the whole time and also kind of disoriented. (Ha ha. Get it?) Mariah led me and my mom around since she knew where everthing was. I have PE second period first semester! Ick! So I'll already be hot and sweaty and then I'll have to quick change so I can make it all the way across campus to the trailers for algebra. Grrr. I have a basic idea of where I'm supposed to go but I still have anxiety about it. It all seems super big and serious and crap. My science teacher seems like a fun guy but he misspelled Jeopardy. He spelled it Jeoprady. That's how he said it too. Bugged the heck out of me the whole time he was giving his spiel.

Now I'm at Madi's house because I really wanted to hang out with her before school started. -like shiver- Goshers, I don't want school to come. Leave me alone! We have been playing Boogie Superstar, so basically just doing like karaoke singing stuff. It's fun. :) I love talking to her because she always gets what I mean. I love you Madi!

I'm wearing my drug dealer pants and hanging out in in her living room.

I have nothing else to say! Love ya!


  1. Drug dealer pants <3

  2. explain the pants to me. That sucks that you have PE during the middle of the day. After a couple days though you will be fine and won't feel so overwhemled. High School is a big deal they say but just keep your cool. The older students can smell fear on you.

  3. Your blogs are so cool. Freshman year already over and you never have to take gym again!


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