Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ahhhh! In-som-ni-ahhhhhhhhh!

I just started re-reading Breaking Dawn and have already gotten to Jacob's part. It's so addicting; which surprises me since I've read it already and how absurd it really is. I can't help but love it though. Stephanie Meyer knows what teenage girls want. Darn.It's 1:13. LATE LATE LATE.
I used to be extremely bad at sleeping. Like staying up till 5 was very very easy. It's just too hot in my room and too crowded in my head with all my thoughts swirling around just waiting to zero in: target,set,boom and overwhelm me.Anyways, enough of my whining.

Weddings are fun. I went to one tonight and sang in it. Brittney and Jack were all smiles and beautiful wedded bliss. The best part was the reception. Lovely food and everyone is so happy to see you, so shocked to see how tall you've gotten since whenever. The dancing is always a treat. All the classics; electric slide and the macarena. The new ones like the Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha Slide. I laughed to see two guys from my youth group locked in a power-struggling embrace/dance during "At Last". In my dad's words, "They make a good couple." If only Eric had dipped Jeremy. Then it would have been more complete. ^-^ We ended up leaving earlier than I expected. I was planning to dance till dawn and probably could have.Now two weddings down and two more to go.
Spring is here and wedding bells ring. Ah, how we love, how we love the Spring.

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  1. Spring seems so peaceful. lots of wedding you been I see. So I read Breaking Dawn a life time ago. It was interesting. Dramatic and explained what seemed alot ha! Its going to be an interesting movie.


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