Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to the....

Back to the Place..

Where my phone is the biggest enemy.
Where the fluorescent lighting makes my attempts at beauty look harsh and childish.
Where my velociraptor haiku won't count as good writing.
Ugly winged flying display.
Please please don't eat me."

Where staying up all night thinking stuff like that doesn't help me a bit.
Where when pushing comes to shoving, you're probably just in D wing.
Where you have to write about yourself 4 times in the same day.
Where people older than you are confident and people younger than you are inept.
Where you cannot sleep when you know you need sleep, or leave because you know staying is more responsible.
Where you rarely see the sunshine in person.
Where each hour and 45 minutes you gain more stress for your mind.
Where the bell means freedom and a nap.

I started writing that the morning of the 25th. Since, I have more things to be happy about but it still rings true in my mind. My head is cluttered. I'm gonna go ride my bike.


  1. Ackk, school. :S

    I liked the haiku though!

  2. School... Life... what a thing.
    I so understand 99% of all of those.
    How was school?
    How was the bike ride?


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