Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Buzzing Mind

I just want to post for the heck of it.

Scrawled note in planner:

Joe, drunk in the corner,
Telling the tale
Of when he fought a pick-axe
With a bear.

Uhm, not sure if anyone read my last post on honesty so based on that I'm not really sure how the response would be to my Role Model Essay I wrote for English II. I like it though, so I may whether you say to or not.

Today was a pretty awesome day.

Been thinking about some boys recently. Don't ask, not telling.

Just talking to people really opens doors. There have been like 3 or 4 different occasions today that good things happened to me because of just asking a question, or confiding in someone. It's always super awesome when you are well received and heard.

Black and Gold by Sam Sparro on repeat. Happens to be a pretty religious song if you listen to it. Kind of existential, evolution, questioning deal. Also, SUPER catchy song.

"Square, square, square, square, square, square, rhombus!"

"I got a box I got a box.... ";D


I have a SMALL amount of homework for once. Thank goodness. I might take a shower. My last shower was Tuesday. I know this because I have to write showers in my planner so I don't forget.

I really love super honest, happy people who it's easy to open up and talk to. I mean, strangers can be so awkward, but once in a while you come across a fellow human that totally gets you and it's far more than cool.

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