Monday, February 21, 2011


I haven't written in 11 days. I guess I'll just wing this. Just cut open my mind and hope the words spill out. Imagine that visual. Pretty good, huh?

I never want to order anyone around. Or tell people how to live their life. I mean, who am I to dictate what is right for you? I mean in the small stuff, whether or not you go to sleep, or talk it out with a friend, or pour the milk in before the cereal. (which, fyi, SO WRONG!) Uhm, but still, that is my own personal opinion. Maybe I should start prefacing some statements with that, "This is just my opinion."

Is it me? Do I stop myself from..feeling, speaking, gaining, losing, becoming, returning, liking, loving, creating? Or do you stop yourself from making something for me to feel, talking to me first, giving me something, walking away, helping me to become, calling me back, liking something about who I am, perhaps even loving, and opening yourself up to make something together? Would it even matter?

I can be happy. And I haven't much to be unhappy about. I have all I need and more. How important are my wants? And once I get them, will it matter? Or if I become satisfied, will I be rewarded with things I haven't even thought to desire?

I should just call this unresolved questions which make me more confused than before.

I'm not writing a paper right now.
An unwritten paper titled, "Manatees: A Losing Battle with Extinction"

I'm not in a great mood. I've only accomplished the bare minimum. I need a shower.


  1. I love you I love you I love you! I was glad to see a blog up. Its simple butt special. I always feel Im reading a book and the book is your mind so mind reading? I so wish I could just talk and talk and talk to you. Good blog. love you. Night

  2. hey there!
    Nice to see a new post.

    I agree about the cereal thing...SO WRONG!! hahaha

    Hope you feel better soon! :\

  3. What kind of twisted person pours the milk before the cereal?!


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