Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Talk Like an Open Book"

Just awoke like a sleepy baby from a rather nice nap. But 3 hours long, and I gots stuff ta do! On another note, I haven't blogged in what seems like forever. But thankfully for myself and my unproductive way, BEDA is coming soon! And y'know what that means? A slight incentive to actually write! Wooooooo!

Today was a surprisingly good day. I didn't expect much of it since the air was cold, and the sky was dark, my eyes were tired and wandring, and Mariah and I left the house about 10
minutes late. But we had to wait around for the ice to melt off the car then skedaddled over to Jamie's to pick her up. Detention really isn't that big a deal, especially with people to serve it with you.

In math we did a group project and my partner and I not only worked together like bosses but also finished first and got a 100. I was like, "Whaddup, suckas? How you like it?" No, in truth most people got a hundred, but I was happy. The kid, I don't remember his name, he's really quiet, but very common sense smart, and easy to work with.

Spanish was okay because we spent most of the class period outside in the hall reading this story in Spanish. Then, during intervention we did test corrections and I was working with this guy who missed most of a section on the test. At first I really didn't want to help him because I kind of hate that thing. I never want to just give someone the answer but I also don't want to take a year on it while playing the teacher. Still, since Mrs.McCrossen kept talking about how we were supposed to be helping each other, after I had finished what I had to do, I went through each question with him and helped him figure out what the right answer was. Afterwards he thanked me and I did feel good about it. I could see some understanding coming. Like, the guy is smart and I could tell, maybe if he would just participate a little more and study he could be golden. I never really like second period intervention, hanging out in my second least favorite class (right after geometry) but I at least felt like I accomplished something.

I think one of the reasons I dislike the class is that it is so slow. She starts getting all thorough and re-iterating her point for the fourth time when I gots it already. I know that everyone works at separate paces, but c'mon! In class I just start getting distracted, scribbling and marking all over my worksheets and zoning out. Why wouldn't I? There's nothing to keep me present. Ugh. That's really my only problem with it, other than the fact that that classroom is like the stinking arctic.

Third was fun as always. I was still tired but we didn't do much of anything where I had to be all jazzed up. Camelot, an exercise in organicism [:)] and then vocal warmups and singing. My favorite thing about it was laughing with Chessa and Kelsey about weird whispered words, and making silly faces, and poking fun at other people's singing faces. All in love of course, but some people just have no idea what their faces are doing while singing. Admittedly, myself included, but no one's ever commented about it. Also, Seasons of Love, the song we are working on, is sounding great. We gots a purdy good "ensembo."

Lunch was funny what with the gay jokes and the "Chessa+Erica" rouse. And I love it when other people come to visit our table during lunch. Whether its Caroline or Cody from the table down or Matt from his own area. Not Daniel, though. :p Well nah, he's okay. Then there is the constant hassle of who will get cookies and what not. I dunno. I'm happy. I like where I am there.

Fourth was fourth. D. Weak was funny. Today he dragged this guy's chair across the room because he was "too close to him." Which makes some sense since the guy's seat is real close to his desk and the smart board, the dragging though, was unnecessary and the squeak of the chair, as someone commented, sounded like a dinosaur. We just kinda hung out today. Did a few notes, watched two videos. Granted, I was almost falling asleep most of the time, but it was a pretty chill end to the day.

Then I came home and took my nap, and there, we reach the beginning and the end. The end.

P.S. Music listened to while writing this.
-Gimme Sympathy/Gold Guns Girls/ Raw Sugar by Metric
-California/Kelsey by Metro Station
-Cemetery Gates by the Smiths
-Feeling Good by Muse

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