Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Dance- circa 2007

Life is a dance!
It begins!
We are thrust into it all bare,
without dresses or slacks.
Stumbling around,unsure of our feet.
It gets better though
We watch the big ones flutter about.
Learning from their mistakes,
copying their brilliance,
inheriting their gowns and ties.
We grow taller,
we make our own moves.
Finding music to cling to.
Still unsure of our feet
but hiding the fear away as we twirl.
Deciding which way to go.
Standing on the sidelines
before we launch into the dance forever
leaving the bigger ones
to dance on our own.
Finding dance partners.
Still stumbling now and then.
Taking young ones to stand on our feet as we glide.
Grinning as they find their own way.
Gradually slowing down
as the music fades to silence.
Finding peace with the fact that this dance is stopping
and smiling as the night comes to a close.

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