Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Innnaa prope.

Something that gets me is graffiti in bathrooms. Now, I probably wouldn't mind if it were a great tapestry of graffiti,an ocean of letters, numbers and pictures on a stall door. A huge mystery and somehow interconnectedness between the writers and the readers. What I do mind is half thought out "graffiti" written in pencil on a high school girl's room stall. Beautiful sentiments such as, "You're still here hoe." and "For a good time call 980-***-****" To their benefit, someone did cross out the number on that and wrote 'ur mom', though still I cannot compliment the spelling. I just kind of wish I could once find something worth reading there and wouldn't have to think about how some random half-baked girl truly spent the time and effort to scrawl something inappropriate as well as unfunny/unoriginal onto a stall between periods or during a class. Really? What are you doing with your life?

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