Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let Me Not Regret

Let me not regret
Past love lost.
Let me not forget
The final cost.

Let me not decide
To let my thoughts go.
Let me not hide
The over-feeling flow.

Let me not tremble in the night.
Afraid of the things I've given.
Let me not hold to higher light,
And ask to be forgiven.

No sin is there in loving,
And no sin is there in pain.
No sin is there in leaving
The lonely life for love to gain.

I ask a simple question
Of each that I shall meet,
"Will you truly love me,
Then share the agonizing defeat?"

For lovers are the liars
And lovers scheme their schemes
And lovers fall on rocky bottoms
After squandering their dreams.


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  2. All of my poems are written to me. And written so that others can peek into my soul and maybe explain to me things I don't even know about myself. At this moment, I am sad, and I know that I am sad. So my writing is inevitably sad. But there's more to it.

  3. Mikaella I like this. It specks the truth but at the same times it tells what we want.
    "When we look in the past we should look back and see mistakes but be happy because everything turned out for the better even if we don't think better"
    Your poems get better and better each time!


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