Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Life In Terms of DDR

Left,left left,right, center. CROSS! Doublee..back! Just feel the music,stop thinking about the steps..

This past week of my life has driven me to the point of insanity and walking death. All my fault though. I was the one who pretty much agreed to be in the youth band every other Wednesday. I was the one who tried out for the musical. I was the one who signed up for Honors English. You may say what you wish of my thoughtlessness. What I did not do was know what these things would entail. Practice at 5:00, rehearsal every afternoon till 4 or 5, and a bevy of homework every night and weekend.

But my intent is not to whine, or to explain why I haven't written, or why I haven't had a full conversation with a friend, or why I've let my appearance take a back seat from day to day.

My intent is to tell you,dear reader Left,left left,right,center. CROSS! Double back! has become my life. Some of the time I miss a step, or a whole sequence, but I keep playing-because I sure didn't waste my money to give up, and in the end..I love it and wish to do it again.

Love, MJB


  1. In the end all the things you are so swamped with right now will turn out for the better. It may be easier for you to get into a college for some because you took honors courses, and you stuck with it all the way through.
    As far as friendships go, It doesn't matter if you're perfect, it just matters that you try to be the good friend that I know you are.
    You're wonderful.

  2. You had so much to did with the musical and everything but that makes you, well YOU! and its outstanding. You got a great grade in English, You are a great singer, and you were awesome in GOOD NEWS!

    "At times it seems life is on a crazy cruse control ride and in the end I get to the finish in first thinking I did nothing, but really cruse control was broken. It was me in the end. Struggling but being me at the same time"

  3. I really like that quote! :D


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