Friday, February 5, 2010


My inability to speak.
Lack of words? No.
Lack of thought? No.
Lack of courage? Perhaps.
My perhaps, meaning yes.

Maybe we will talk.
Perhaps I will try.
Try, try, and for naught.
It's the first step.
But first implies a last.

I would like nothing better
than to never
stop talking with you.
With you.

Cryptic, cryptic wave.
I am my inability to speak.
Being circumstantially mute.


  1. I like it. Its one of those things you read that leaves you thinking.


  2. What does it make you think about?

  3. It's the first step.
    But first implies a last.

    awesome line ^^^^^
    I loved it.
    Beautiful.I loved the last two lines too.
    Makes me think a lot as well.

  4. Loooove this Mikaella!!! You make me want to keep up my blog again [ha its been nearly a year since I posted last. & my things aren't nearly as good as yours]. but I love this.
    "Lack of courage? perhaps" thats totally me.
    Makes me think of that Owl City song "Tidal Wave"...that song encourages me sometimes [check out the lyrics if you haven't heard it].
    love ya girl!

  5. Aww Mikaella!! You're too sweet! Thanks, & I love how you put your thoughts in the form of poetry, & how it's so honest. I will definitely be keeping up with yours as well my dear! :)

  6. So who was this about? If anyone. I liked it again It leaves me thinking again. About people. Life the world mostly some people. My dear Mikaella you have a talent in Poetry.

  7. Actually, just one person but my poetry always ends up turning more robust than any one thought. I'm that way with a lot of people. I don't consider myself very bashful, but maybe I am. I go red and hot and giggle and stumble on my words and all this stuff and I can't control it!


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