Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Caitlin, Mariah, and I will be attempting BEDA this coming month. Or Blog Every Day April for those who don't know. We did BEDA last year but with August. The April one is not only more legit but also more widespread and advertised. Some of my favorite vloggers and writers, (like haleyghoover and Maureen Johnson) usually participate. It's truly a great way to just get some thoughts out there and de-stress. Also, a little forced creativity never hurt anyone. Maybe what gets written isn't always
quality OR even quantity for that matter, but it still is fun and exciting. I encourage my readers to participate also! I love reading and commenting blogs. If it's more of a routine I might not forget so often. I know it's great to have someone acknowledge things you've worked on in some manner. It is late late late, and tomorrow starts it off, so farewell my dears.

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  1. Blogging everyday in April
    29 days
    The picture is cool.


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