Friday, March 26, 2010


A veil
A veil to hide a face
For purity
For a shield
For shame

A veil for a bride
So tender, falling
Over features smooth
Over eyes, clear with joyous tears.

A veil for a woman
A shy glance behind
Curtains of hair, used to cover
Concealing the windows to her soul.

A veil for a man
The man who's fate is set
Who's face no one dares look upon
Who's eyes have seen their last.

To cover, conceal, for darkness like night
A veil worn
A veil.


  1. A veil so many ways a veil is used.
    For happiness and marriage
    For culture
    For death
    For pain
    Good and Bad
    Happiness and sadness
    But it all comes back to the veil


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