Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is here, a suppa-ring is here


It's that time again! Time for flowers and sunshine and runny noses. Time for tanning and dreading swimsuit season and..Blog Every Day April! I personally, am thankful for a break from the chilling winter. I'd like some occasions to wear shorts and flip flops. Some afternoons out reading in the cooling air of a passing day.I say Mr.Blue Sky, bring it on.

Today was April fools and I almost got through without being pranked, but alas, a couple little curve balls were thrown my way. First off, my Spanish teacher had the whole class believing we were going to have a pop quiz after lunch. My friend Caroline was about to have a heart-attack. "Did you study? Are you ready? Should I study at lunch?" When Mrs.Steele told us it wasn't really, there was a collective inward cheer/sigh. The rest of the period was spent by each student writing a list of things we'd like to accomplish in life and sharing them with the class. It was so interesting to hear some of the priorities of some of my classmates. Who would have thunk that quiet Caitlin wanted a butterfly tattoo on her lower back? No joke. A boy named Stuart wanted to travel to many countries, try many different foods, and learn another language. Mrs. Steele pointed out that he seemed to crave the diverse. Then, later at choir practice, our pastor made us all excited about a supposed water break. No one doubted it because the woman is VERY pregnant.Good bait for a psych out. Turned out to be false though.

Also, today I went driving for Driver's Ed for a second time. I was more comfortable, so it was easier. I've noticed though, and I anticipated this, that when I started thinking about something or getting wrapped up in talking I would slightly meander out of my lane. Just a bit, but noticeable enough. I mean, once I almost grazed someone's mirror. Wasn't a bigggg deal though. (Only joking!) I just get so distracted. Behind my concern for safety are all my vivid thoughts and plentiful words. And they like to wheedle their way to the front of my consciousness and say "HEY! Pay attention to us!" (I'm listening to my iPod and Numa Numa came on. Cue obnoxious dancing in chair.) And, as you see I am prone to just go with whatever thought takes me.

I do actually have things I need to be doing.I'm sure I could ramble forever though. It feels great to be blogging again. Relaying events really helps me to get a new perspective. To leave on a very positive note, I'm glad to say I've been feeling great recently. With the bittersweet burden of the musical on my back I was having a hard time but now I'm back to the girl I used to be! I wish you the best on this Thursday evening. You are so lovely. Love, Mikaella


  1. No, you are so lovely! (:

  2. Kaka!! I'm so happy we are all blogging again!!! Were you talking about Caitlin Chandler?? A suggestion...maybe change your background color to something lighter or the color of your writing its kinda hard to read.. you're oh so lovely and i loved your blog.

  3. I am too, I love love love it. I'm not sure of her last name. Describe her to me? I enjoy this color a lot, but I see the problem. I will try to do something. Thankyou!

  4. Musical was great.
    April fools day crazy!
    Mrs. Andersen told us the history of it. Its interesting.
    Im glad your blogging I love to read your oh so interesting and exciting blogs and Poems!


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