Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Children at Play

How can I be prudent
when my mouth is an open book?
Big words make small hands
feel able and empowered.
Time and time she's told me
be thoughtful of what you say.
Be careful as you run.
Watch vigilantly for things to come.
And yours has said it too.
But we ignore guidance
like unruly children at play.
Our unintentional rhyme and
As years pass we look back
less fondly than now.
We later decided those were
the worst decisions we'd ever made.
To be free and uninhibited.
Not bothered
by thoughts of future days.
Frolicking summers.
Wasted evenings.
Close-whispered secrets.
But in those days,nothing
seemed impossible.

1 comment:

  1. BECAUSE nothing is impossible.
    Anything can happen.
    I liked this it was nice.


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