Saturday, May 22, 2010

Procrastinating: An Art Form

I'm always doing something worth doing, but it's at a time when I should be doing something else. When I let myself, I can be the ultimate procrastinator. I feel like I'm doing something good even though in the back of my mind I know there is something more important on the agenda. I can clean the house to avoid homework, or work on homework to avoid chores. I can play my guitar when I have a paper to write and clean my room when I should be studying, or sleeping. I could work on the creative portion of things for hours and do the hard stuff at the last minute every single day of the week.All of these things are things that should be done some time, but ordering my priorities is sometimes done with regard to what seems the most boring or hardest to do. In the end it all must happen, even if that means skipping the shower I meant to take because something else has to be done before the sun rises tomorrow. And quite rightly it's good to have a new blog up that I'm semi-passionate about, but I'm supposed to be putting away the dishes and working on COPS for English.

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  1. COPS *YUCK*
    I feel the same way always doing something to avoid something else.
    The picture is not showing up.
    Just a question mark. in a box.


    Thinking inside the box


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