Wednesday, May 19, 2010


These phrases and sentences come to mind. Blurbs about what I am and what I am not. None of them are true. Or they are only conditional. Or just, why do I even think these things?

I am mysterious.
I am not what you'd expect.
I am prettier without the makeup.
I am independent.
I am ready to go into the world.
I am better off alone.
I am a connoisseur of obscure music.

I am not.

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  1. Some times you can be mysterious.
    You always surprise me with your awesomeness to You are not what I expect but I guess I expect surprise from you. Which is great!
    I bet you are better with out make-up
    I hate how girls over load their face with make-up and you cant see the real them which is most likely 10 times better. Now you, you dont over make-uptize Which is good.
    I believe you are sometime most times independent?
    You seem like you are ready to go into the world , but who really is?
    No one is better off alone everybody needs somebody. Proven fact!
    You have loads of different kinds of music which makes you, you! and you have good taste in music I believe.


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