Sunday, July 18, 2010

Theatre Camp & Rambles

So I've officially run out of youtube videos from people I'm subscribed to to watch and I have nothing to do, or so it feels. I could go and clean my room (I might, later), or read my book I'm almost finished with or something, but I kind of feel a bit stuck. I guess it's like anticipation and what it brings. I can never do anything productive about an hour before I do something, and since this something is tomorrow my anticipation is setting in tonight.

Earlier tonight we went to Dollar General since it is just up the road and bought a bunch of junk food for me to pack for lunch this week. I have Sun Chips, (this is where I give up on brand capitalization) fruit roll ups, flamin' hot cheetos, ramen soup cups, easy mac, tiny cereal boxes, marshmallows, de-shelled sunflower seeds (I'm cold, I'm gonna go put on pajamas. How cool would it be if you could read blogs in real time? (How lame am I? Haha. Like anyone would want to watch me write a blog. Or anyone, know? I just, it'd be like a sport. Well, more like golf. Prime time blog writing-LIVE!) Like, as people wrote them. I dunno why but I think that would be fun. See the edits and shtuff. Okay, back now. I have on like fuzzy long pants and 3 quarter length sleeves. I don't know if you read my blog about my house being too cold for me, but I was serious about that. Also, I totally don't match right now and I almost never do with sleepwear. How about you? Do you like to match?) , I have some Cheerwine, the v8 that Chessa and I like, and juice boxes. I feel like such a little kid with my juice boxes but I really don't mind. In my head some kid I don't know at camp passes by me and my friends eating lunch and says,"Juice box, really? You are such a dork." and then I give them a look and say, "Does it look like I mind?" and squirt my juice at them. =D Oh! The things that go on in my head. I also bought some SPARKLY eyeshadow. I did not realize it was sparkly when I bought it. I hope I like it though and it isn't overpowering. I will wear it tomorrow and you tell me.I don't really know what to expect. I've never done anything like this. But positive outlook as always.

Also, tomorrow Mariah, Jamie, and I are going to see Sorcerer's Apprentice at the Gem. If you read this and would like to come, tell me! I already saw it with Ashley on Saturday but I would like to see it again anyway. It's a very lovely movie and funny. I cannot stand a movie without a little humor. Also, great music in it.

Speaking of great music:

If you enjoyed Pomplamoose you will like this. Or just if you can dig some really interesting but mellow sound.


  1. they do have blogs in real time,
    Live blogging. Typically it would be done while a certain event were going on like an election, and you would post in real time your reactions to events as they happen.Also I feel you on the juicebox part, My lovely friends made fun of my hi C everyday at lunch for the past 3 years oh and they also think it's hilarious to squeeze the juice box before I drink it.

  2. I havent seen that that movie.
    I want a juice box now.
    Live blog would be cool. Get on it!
    pajamas are relaxing They never need to match.
    Nice blog!
    The Gem is a cool place.


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