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Mikel and the Darkness

[Short Story/Creation Myth for my English class]

The First Marriage

For ages and ages Darkness filled the Universe. The Universe existed, devoid of light and joy. People lived and walked in quiet fear and trembling. They were born unto Darkness and spent their lives residing in the dark. When a person would die, they fell into Darkness and it yet became blacker and colder. All the gods watched the people, mourning in the dark, and believed it was their given lot to live how the original gods had made them to. No god ever thought of giving light to the humans. Or so they did not, until the marriage of Deandre, the god of strength, and Cathora, the goddess of gentility and love. Before Deandre and Cathora, no gods had ever married. They only teamed together or separately created more gods where they saw the need to. The love between Deandre and Cathora, though, held so strong and true that they swore they could never stand to exist or create without the continued bond they held. The other gods, so moved by the pair’s commitment allowed them to marry and marveled at the first unity of the gods.

The Creation of Marea

Deandre and Cathora lived harmoniously together and lavished themselves in the love they shared. Soon, seeing how listless the other gods and goddesses became watching them, they encouraged them all to marry and find happiness as they had. The others denied the suggestion for fear that such a love could never again occur. Saddened by this, Deandre and Cathora conspired that they would teach humans how to find love and marry rather than mindlessly procreating as they were used to. So out of their love they bore Marea, meaning “marriage” in the tongue of the peoples. Then the people knew of Marea and her wonders and followed her example.

The birth month of Marea, March, from then on held all marriage celebrations, and the people had something to enjoy. Some would marry and learn to love, but still, some could not find love in the dark. Others lost their loves to the cold Darkness. Cathora, Deandre, and Marea watched this and were grieved.

Cathora said, “How are they to love without light? Why should we not give light to them to save them?”All the gods except Deandre and Marea scoffed at Cathora’s idea. Andor the supreme god of darkness replied in a booming voice,

“Never shall man receive light. Light is a privilege of the gods. The elder gods did not allow it and neither shall we.”

The Creation of Mikel

And so, the gods fought over the introduction of light for 9 months, starting on the anniversary of Marea’s birth until the middle of December. In the last 4 months of the battle Andor brought such cold across the Universe, freezing the people to death. Deandre, seeing the plight of the people, shook all of the heavens with his great might, knocking Andor and his supporters on their faces and crumbling the very foundation of the heavens. Andor cried out in defeat. Deandre declared,

“On the 19th of December, light shall be given unto the Universe. The light that comes from love shall never be stopped. It will warm the bones of the peoples in all lands, even the very sinews of the bones. No longer will darkness reign supreme.”

Andor surrendered his scepter of darkness to Deandre. Together Deandre and Cathora rid it of all the evil it held. Turning the scepter into a tool for good required 12 hours, and at the twelfth hour, they created Mikel, the light. Mikel leapt from the tip of the scepter and dove straight into Cathora’s arms. For 12 hours Mikel rested with Cathora, and Cathora basked in the glow of Mikel’s face. Mikel was healthy and just over 7 pounds. She had long, thin fingers. Her hair shimmered brightly atop her head. She smiled, eyes wide open, the night through as Cathora sang sweet songs to her.

The Battle with Darkness

For a month after that first night, Mikel cried out in anger and pain. She cried for the people of the Universe; she cried for she was too young and weak to give them her light. Her family tried to comfort her. Marea questioned Deandre and Cathora about her sorrowful sister, only wishing to help.

Deandre said to Mikel, “Stop your tears, Mikel. Please, stop the yelling. With it you only burn the ears of the gods and punish the people you love so much.” Cathora brought Mikel to her chest and told her to sing instead, so Mikel’s time of grieving passed. She sang songs, and her voice filled the Universe. The Darkness shivered at the sound and its winds whipped hither and thither across the lands.

The peoples wondered at the sound, so different from the piercings screeches they had suffered through. And soon, the people began to sing Mikel’s songs with her. Such beautiful harmony had never been heard in the Universe. The Darkness wailed and struck people down haphazardly, feelings its power draining.

Mikel’s eyes searched the land and her ears heard the songs of the multitudes. She bade them sing even louder and not to worry about those who the Darkness destroyed. So the peoples’ voices rose and they lamented not over death but only reveled in song and life. Together with her family and the people, Mikel sang for years. As she did, the darkness fled from the Universe, leaving behind only the smallest traces. Once Darkness had passed, those who had fallen under its power came back to life and such joy had never before been experienced. All people loved Mikel, the light, and she was worshiped above all other gods.

The Darkness

Though Darkness knew it had been defeated, it refused to relinquish all of its power. To this day Darkness hides on the opposite side of light, gripping people for as long as it can before running again, from Mikel and her songs.

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  1. This was good!
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